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Foreigners will finally get to know our farce-world Pariahment after Q & A wayang on 3 July

With regard to the 38 Oxley Road dispute, PM Lee has offered an insincere apology to Singaporeans. Although he has been accused of lying under oath and misuse of power, the issue should be settled in court. Convening a Parliamentary … Continue reading

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“Enduring legacy” of Lee Kuan Yew is in fact a time bomb

LKY has been credited with transforming Singapore from “a sleepy fishing port to a major economic centre”. According to state propaganda, this is LKY’s enduring legacy. Many Singaporeans would of course beg to differ because how LKY created this ‘miracle’ … Continue reading

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AssMRT: Government will convene another secret ministerial committee to resolve constantly-breaking-down MRT system issue

Dustbin Quack CEO, AssMRT Dear Commuters Please allow me to apologise for the most recent breakdown yesterday – again – during the rush hour. Videos of the massive breakdown uploaded online have confirmed an unacceptable situation, eg Today’s video. This … Continue reading

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LKY kena insulted by his own PAP ministers publicly, MPs taking turns on 3 July

It’s a fact that PAP politicians are despicable because they are all in it for the money. When LKY was alive, every minister and MP would kow tow to him like a demi-god. No one had ever imagined ministers would … Continue reading

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Oxleygate confirms we do have a finger-lickin-good President

Oxleygate may likely be a noose tightening on PAP. The latest to continue flogging a dead horse is Indranee Rajah, SMOS for Law. Like other ministers who have aligned themselves with PM Lee, Indranee believes she knows LKY’s thoughts better … Continue reading

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PAP big guns fail to defend against allegations of power abuse at the top, Singapore’s reputation takes another beating

PAP has underestimated the political fallout from allegations of power abuse by PM Lee’s siblings. Although 93% of MPs will defend PM Lee in Parliament on 3 July, this will eventually raise even more questions. PM Lee’s position is untenable … Continue reading

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PM Lee refuses to address siblings’ power abuse allegations, only refers questions on 38 Oxley Road to a 93% PAP-controlled Parliament

I refer to CNA article, “PM Lee apologises to Singaporeans over dispute with siblings; to answer questions in Parliament on 38 Oxley Road”. The PAP government, with assistance from a PAP-controlled MSM, has continued to frame the issue as one … Continue reading

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Law minister Shanmugam’s “ridiculous” comment on conflict of interest even more ridiculous

After 5 decades of relying on propaganda to run the government, PAP ministers presently lack the ability to convince Singaporeans with sound arguments. Lee Hsien Yang has recently disclosed that Law Minister Shanmugam’s inclusion in the “secret committee” formed to prevent … Continue reading

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DPM Teo also did not want to demolish LKY’s house, ministerial committee was to further PM Lee’s personal agenda

I refer to  CNA article, “I’ve not thought about what lies beyond demolition: Lee Hsien Yang on Lee Kuan Yew’s Oxley home”. CNA has continued to assist PAP by publishing an increasing amount of information to complicate a simple wish of LKY: demolish … Continue reading

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Former PM Goh ignores abuse of power allegations, ‘defamation-must-sue-or-leave-cabinet’ now no pakai

I refer to CNA article, “Singapore will not be dragged down by Lee family’s ‘petty disputes’: ESM Goh”. This Lau Goh is really one funny guy who’s able to ignore the elephant in the room. Never mind if power abuse … Continue reading

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