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Should Temasek CEO Ho Ching be paid more than the entire PAP cabinet ministers’ salary?

According to Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s estimate, Temasek CEO Ho Ching’s remuneration is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Kenneth: “He appoints his own wife, on undisclosed remuneration but surely hundreds of millions of dollars, to run Temasek, something that goes against all … Continue reading

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SP Group average annual net profit almost $1 billion for past 13 years, electricity tariff to increase again?

Electricity tariffs will increase by 2.8% for the next 3 months. CNA This is on top of the 6.8% increase in the previous three months.  (“Electricity tariffs to increase by 6.3% for next three months“) The increase is unjustified because SP … Continue reading

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Nakheel had safety issues with SMRT Engineering in 2010, early contract termination

SMRT will continue to fail commuters because its only objective is to generate income for for PAP. Since more than a decade ago, SMRT was already offering its services – at Singaporeans’ expense – to foreigners. SMRT wasn’t shy at all … Continue reading

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SMRT should not disclose ‘fake’ statistics to fool Singaporeans

Like the government, SMRT is extremely desperate to increase revenue. SMRT has now gone to the extent of disclosing ‘fake’ figures to hoodwink the public that fares need to be increased. These are its key financial and operating data in … Continue reading

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SMRT: Due to lower increase in rail ridership/revenue, MRT fares must be increased

Regardless of a screwed-up MRT system, the government is hell-bent on increasing fares. This is because every government agency/GLC providing public goods/services is managed on a cost-recovery basis.  Since billions have been spent on a poorly maintained MRT system, PAP … Continue reading

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Privatisation of SMRT leads to poor governance, enriches PAP cronies

Poor governance at SMRT should worry Singaporeans. After throwing billions in tax dollars at SMRT – prior to privatization – the company has become more opaque and no longer discloses material information in its annual report. In fact, SMRT has engaged … Continue reading

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Fake news: PAP government helps Singaporeans with ‘grants’ and ‘subsidies’

An own self check own self government has the ability to redefine conventional meaning of words. Government ‘grants’ and ‘subsidies’ are generally understood to be an amount of money given by the PAP for the benefit of citizens.   But upon closer scrutiny, … Continue reading

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Fake news: HDB flat buyers are owners

For decades, PAP has been telling HDB flat buyers that we own our flats. But according to legal documents, buyers sign off as lessees with HDB the lessor.  Buyers merely sign a Lease Agreement, not a Purchase and Sales Agreement. Image source That we need … Continue reading

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Philip Yeo: Get rid of PAP government with eunuch disease

Former top civil servant Philip Yeo has provided ‘conclusive’ evidence of PAP’s incompetence in his biography “Neither Civil Nor Servant”. (Edited excerpt here) Unlike most of the useless scholars today, Philip was no pen pusher and had played a pivotal role … Continue reading

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PAP: State resources should not unfairly benefit civil servants, market rate charges to be imposed

For immediate release Please Apologise Party Dear Sinkaporeans As you all should have known by now – after we have increased numerous charges – covernment is facing a severe shortage of funds. But this has nothing to do with paying ourselves … Continue reading

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