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20150927 Temasek’s portfolio likely to experience wipeout in next financial crisis

Two months ago, Temasek reported a one year shareholder return of 19.2% for FY 2015. Its portfolio value (PV) increased by $43 billion to $266 billion and as usual, Temasek reported an unbelievable 16% compounded return since 1974. On closer … Continue reading

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20150926 Foreign worker policy relies on increasing PRs/new citizens, detrimental to Singaporeans’s interest

When Lim Swee Say mentioned having a 2/3 Singaporean core in the labour force in future, we should know that this is a half truth. This is because our organic population growth does not permit a 2/3 Singaporean core without … Continue reading

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20150925 Is Temasek waiting for Standard Chartered to collapse?

In 2006, Temasek bought 152 million Standard Chartered shares and continued building up its stake to 19% by 2008. Since 2008, Temasek has also subscribed to rights issues between 390 pence and 1280 pence. The average price of Temasek’s investment … Continue reading

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20150916 Strategy change needed by WP to prevent PAP from taking Singapore downhill

The Workers’ Party has proven itself to be a credible party as evidenced by its ability to attract candidates far superior to PAP’s Chut Pattern, Sim Ann. However, credibility alone will not ensure success at an election, not when PAP … Continue reading

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20150915 Our ‘servant’ and ‘jaga’ is in fact an aristocrat

Supporters of PAP seem to suffer from amnesia and do not reflect on the long-term good of our country. Hundreds of thousands have been screwed by flawed policies after numerous GEs only to KPKB post GE and vote the same … Continue reading

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20150912 GE 2015 – Effects of propaganda underestimated, maintaining PAP’s status quo will doom Singapore

Many Singaporeans must have woken up to a nightmare on 12 September when they find out that support for the PAP has actually increased. How could there be a vote swing of 10% in view of a PAP government compounding … Continue reading

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20150910 Questions on Temasek and GIC must be answered in Parliament

Three days ago, Dr Chee raised the issue of huge investment losses by Temasek and GIC. DPM Tharman subsequently claimed that Chee “ignored altogether the profitable investments the two organisations had made”. Tharman should not have expected Singaporeans to accept … Continue reading

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20150908 Will PAP line up and take a bow, release CPF before 9/11?

The crowds at opposition party rallies tell a very different story from what has been painted by the mainstream media. If Singaporeans had just wanted to listen, we could have done so in the comfort of our homes in front … Continue reading

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20150907 PAP bankrupt of ideas, checks on government needed

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Lee Hsien Loong never understood the issues faced by ordinary Singaporeans. Lee has also never worked a single day in the private sector. His meteoric rise to become the youngest Brigadier General … Continue reading

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20150905 GE 2015 – CPF members do not need a morally-bankrupt PAP

GE 2015 will present a golden opportunity for CPF members to show PAP who’s the real owner of our CPF and that we will not accept PAP’s pay-until-you-die CPF installment plan. Only irresponsible and morally-bankrupt politicians are capable of preventing … Continue reading

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