20150915 Our ‘servant’ and ‘jaga’ is in fact an aristocrat

Supporters of PAP seem to suffer from amnesia and do not reflect on the long-term good of our country. Hundreds of thousands have been screwed by flawed policies after numerous GEs only to KPKB post GE and vote the same clowns into power to be screwed again.

Before GE 2011, PM Lee called themselves “servants of the people” and issued a reminder to “always maintain a sense of humility and service”. Nowhere on our planet is there a country where leaders have to state the obvious. But shortly after GE 2011, PAP continued to fix the people by fixing opposition managed town council, putting a 16-year old in jail because he was critical of LKY, resorting to legal threats and engaging in propaganda to entrench its power, etc.

Servants obey their masters but PAP’s relationship with citizens is upside down. After Singaporean masters had entrusted our servants with the key to our retirement savings vault, the untrustworthy servants took out every cent to tikam tikam in the stock market and now say the money can’t be returned. Despite a high percentage of masters who can’t even retire, our servants have continued to delay payment. Thousands of members get to meet their maker before they could even smell their own money.

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Fast forward 4 years and again prior to a GE, PM Lee suddenly resigned from his butler post and claimed he is now our ‘jaga’. He said: “We are not the owners of Singapore. We’re trustees, stewards – like the ‘jaga’.” Do trustees and stewards do whatever they like, use our money to pay millions to directors of Temasek and GIC without informing us how much has been used?

Unfortunately, 70% of Singaporeans have blindly accepted PAP’s nonsense. In terms of a government’s ability to brainwash its people, Singapore ranks No. 2 after North Korea.

If PAP were merely a trustee of our CPF, our CPF would have been returned at 55. PM Lee was merely BSing citizens by making these absurd statements.

All the talk about engaging citizens more extensively and deeply post GE 2015 will never happen. If PAP had been listening, there would have been no GRC system, the management of state reserves would not be done in an opaque manner and there will be no 6.9 million population target, now probably more, by 2030.

Singaporeans should take whatever PM Lee says with a truckload of salt because he has already confirmed he wasn’t a servant or ‘jaga’ but an aristocrat.

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4 Responses to 20150915 Our ‘servant’ and ‘jaga’ is in fact an aristocrat

  1. Silver says:

    New Citizen Voters decided this Election and Will Decide all future Elections… http://anyhowhantam.blogspot.sg/2015/09/new-citizen-voters-decided-this.html

    • phillip ang says:

      Thanks for directing me to a very well written post. Quite convincing but no one knows for certain what our future holds for Singaporeans born and bred here. Many people have wrongly assumed PAP will always be in control but in reality, nobody does.
      PAP’s base of supporters has become so huge that it will need more resources to feed them. How long can this be sustained? With hundreds of billions invested overseas and not in PAP’s control, will it be able to weather the financial storm that should hit our shores soon?
      Ngiam Tong Dow once said that “it is in law of nature that all things must atrophy”. So long as there are Singaporeans who are willing to stand up, one shouldn’t be too pessimistic. 🙂

  2. terrytks says:

    A leopard does not change its spots.

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