Minister Shanmugam: Police image easily tarnished by online criticisms, needs minister to defend police SOP

I refer to “Unjustified attacks against the police must be rebutted: Shanmugam”. CNA

When a minister has to come to the defence of police procedures, there appears to be more than meets the eye.¬† Hmm .. or maybe Minister Shanmugam eat finish too free? ūüėČ

Strange thing in PAP-controlled Singapore: million-dollar stat board CEOs/heads are MIA when needed.

It’s not really necessary for Shanmugam to address a simple issue on police SOPs. This should have been the job of Police Commissioner Hoong Wee Teck.

CP Hoong could not have been busier than Shanmugam and his role appears to have been undermined by Shanmugam.

Shanmugam: “In many countries, unjustified attacks on Police have eventually led to the weakening of law enforcement.”

Shanmugam did not provide any statistics to show how online criticisms of police procedures have weakened law enforcement in other countries. In fact, there may likely be no relevant studies to conclusively prove his statement.

The underlying issue with the raid on illegal brothels: SPF had been sleeping on this issue for years.

This has led to brothels sprouting up in forested areas and even HDB estates.  How could this have possibly happened in little red dot paradise if enforcement had not been lax?  Hmm .. what other issues has SPF been fixing?

Why didn’t the police nip the problem in the bud when vice operators took their business into HDB property years ago?

It is the SPF which own self tarnished own reputation and no defence from anyone – including deceased LKY – can salvage SPF’s image.

And what happened to all the grassroots eyes and ears of the government? Didn’t the police receive feedback from them on a situation which has now got out of hand?

Notice that mainstream media engages in subtle propaganda by frequently repeating our men in blue risk their lives to protect citizens?  Seriously, how many die every year discharging their duty in in a very safe country?

Shanmugam should just allow his subordinates to handle online criticisms pertaining to police procedures. Don’t be so sensitive and anyhow blow up the issue. Also, don’t¬† try to paint the SPF to be so weak that its reputation could be easily tarnished by online criticisms.

Because it is unbelievable. ūüėČ




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2018 polytechnic fees increase – double inflation rate – to help ordinary Singaporeans?

I refer to “Higher tuition fees for students joining polytechnics and ITE in 2018”. CNA

Polytechnic tuition fees will be increased from $2700 to $2800, a 3.7% hike.

The PAP government has often cited cost increase to justify all sorts of arbitrary increases.

However, official statistics seem to have confirmed that inflation has been muted and there is therefore no basis for such an increase.

According to a CNA report in June, 2017 “MAS core inflation is expected to average 1 to 2 per cent”. So why is the PAP increasing tuition fees by 3.7%?
This imcrease is also not a one-off unjustifiable increase.

Since 2014, polytechnic fees have increased by $100 annually, ie a higher percentage.

During the same period, inflation was also muted, according to MAS: “For the whole of 2016, consumer price index (CPI)-All Items inflation came in at –0.5 per cent for the second consecutive year.¬†MAS Core Inflation for 2016 rose to 0.9 per cent, from 0.5 per cent the year before.

Over a slightly longer period, polytechnic fees will have increased by 27% since 2011 when Singaporeans paid only $2200.

Since inflation has increased by only a fraction, why are polytechnic fees increasimg at a much higher rate?

What is the basis of fees increase?

Or perhaps PAP has also been inflating polyteçhnic fees to help ordinary folks, just as it increased GST to help the poor?

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Minister Heng: After 3 decades of ‘planning’ for ageing population issue, PAP government did not set aside any funds

Finance Minister Heng has told a few half truths to support impending tax hikes.

On the issue of ageing population, Heng justified not using a cent of our reserves and claimed: “If we don’t prepare for that, I think we will come to regret it and I want to make sure that‚Ķ I will do the responsible thing.”

Heng was trying to mislead by saying “If we don’t prepare for that“.¬† This is because the issue of ageing population was highlighted some 3 decades and not something which the PAP should be preparing for today.

In 1990, TTSH Dept of Geriatric Medicine wrote a paper with projected figures of elderly residents in 2030 (image below).


Less than 2 decades ago, the PAP had even formed an inter-ministerial committee to study this issue.

In its push to get Singaporeans to accept PAP’s insane immigration policy, Singaporeans have also been constantly reminded of the ageimg population issue during the past decade.

Fact is, PAP was already aware of this issue decades ago.

Having anticipated this issue decades ago, how could PAP turn around and claim that it had not set aside any funds? What is the point of anticipating a problem but not planning for the eventuality?

Heng sidetracked a little and talked¬† khawk about “how earlier generations of leaders and finance ministers were very prudent, even during the years when Singapore’s gross domestic product was growing 8 to 9 per cent annually”.

If earlier generations of PAP leaders were prudent, they wouldn’t have helped themselves to millions in tax dollars. In 1989, PAP leader LKY was given a salary increase of 200% on top of exorbitant increases during earlier years. Other PAP leaders were given salary increases which were only slightly less than LKY’s. Spending millions of tax dollars on themselves = “very prudent”?

Perhaps Heng might also be hinting to Singaporeans there have been signific√†nt investment losses when he said¬†“I will be very cautious about making statements about how big our reserves are‚Ķ”.

So, could Heng enlighten us on what’s left in our reserves?

After 3 decades of planning, Heng wants us to believe that the PAP did not save for the anticipated rainy day? And reserves cannot be used because they have to increase perpetually to benefit our children?

I don’t think Heng expected his hogwash to be taken seriously.




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Millionairre ministers and MPs should not be paid part-time allowance for town council roles

PAP’s¬†greed is really insatiable.

Most Singaporeans are unaware that PAP ministers and MPs have actually paid themselves monthly town council allowances for their part-time roles.
But when it comes to improper estate maintenance, none has been held accountable.
Town council allowances are on top of their highest political salary and highest part-time job as MPs.
Residents are being shortchanged because such part-time roles are clearly ineffective.
These so called estate managers in fact know nuts about what’s been happening in HDB estates, eg estate officers are often MIA.
Frequent lift breakdowns clearly prove that these self-appointed town councillors have zero knowledge of proper maintenance.
Why then should residents fund these ¬†… leeches for their ineffective roles?
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Singaporeans should brace for more pain ahead, more cost increases akan datang

By now, PAP’s incompetence should be clear even to its own supporters.

Things are certainly not going according to plan and this has led to a huge shortage of funds.

Recall that under its 6.9 million PWP, the population is supposed to grow by about 90,000 annually? The latest increase was only … 5000.

The population increase did not materialise and was due to external factors beyond PAP’s control, plus our high cost of doing business.

The additional headcount every year is what drives our GDP growth. This unsustainable growth model has already been confirmed by PM Lee’s old man in 2011: ” We’ve grown in the last five years by just importing labour.”

Regardless of PAP’s fake economic growth, this nevertheless generates revenue and simultaneously lends support to property prices.

An additional 85000 headcount would have contributed to an increase of at least a few billion$ in revenue from income tax and GST.

PAP had counted on the additional billions to fund its costly projects to support a population of 6.9 million and beyond.

With our economy in the doldrums, PAP has no choice but to continue with raising revenue in the same manner and stop short before the next GE.

Singaporeans should be prepared for more pain ahead.

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