DPM Teo: Civil servants get happiness out of Singaporeans’ happiness

Don’t know if DPM Teo was joking or not when he tried to justify paying judges, Attorney-General, Auditor-General, chairman of PSC and other PAP elites hundreds of thousand$$ in bonuses funded by tax payers. 😦


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Time to review PAP ministers’ maximum 13.5 months’and PM’s 19.5 months’ bonuses

The 2011 ministerial pay review was just another wayang.  Although it has been 7 years since, their ridiculously-high maximum bonuses warrant another review.

The cosmetic changes implemented by the PAP government – recommended by the PAP-appointed review committee – only resulted in maximum bonuses being reduced to 13.5 months for ministers and 19.5 months for the PM. (table below edited to show maximum bonuses)

Should any public SERVANT receive up to 13.5 months’ bonus, excluding the 13 month bonus?

Isn’t the PM – as the leader – setting a terrible example by allowing himself to earn up to 19.5 months in bonus funded by taxpayers?

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Singapore ministers very poor thing, GDP up 50% but their pay still down

Ah Kow: Bro, u think our ministers poor thing or not?  Their pay hentak kaki for 5 years already.

Arumugam (pointing to chart on laptop): Kow is right. Pay of ministers have been stagnant since 2012.


Ah Kow: Many people say our GDP grow a lot every year.  That means ministers all work hard right?

Ahmad: U believe this GDP thingy? All BS one la bro. If they can really grow anything, then long time ago join private sector already.  But all end up in GLCs.  Haha.

Arumugam: If they can grow a $200 billion company by 50% in 10 years, then the CEO will be paid $1 billion a year or at least hundreds of millions.  Our CEO willing to accept only $2.2 million.

Ah Kow:  Actually hor, I feel something wrong when I look at the chart on Aru’s laptop.  In 2008, our ministers got 19 months’ bonuses but our GDP below US$200 billion.  Now at US$300 billion, their bonus only 5.5 months.

Arumugam:  You should not believe all the GDP crap la.  When PAP suka suka increase our cost of living or foreign talent population, GDP also increase.   This is what PM Lee means by easy ways to economic growth.  Haha.

Ah Kow:  So you mean LKY and PAP all talk cock about getting the bestest talent in government but they actually jiak liow bee one?

Arumugam:  What do you think?  Why have ministers not resigned when their pay hentak kaki for 5 years?




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Did Lee Kuan Yew lie to Singaporeans?

One of LKY’s ‘most memorable quotes’:


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Budget 2018: PAP continues to insult citizens

The PAP government claims to have a windfall of an additional $7.7 billion budget surplus for FY2017.  ST

Unabashedly, PAP says it will “share the fruits of Singapore’s development with Singaporeans”.

Where did the additional “exceptional” $7.7 billion come from?  It is so exceptional that Singaporeans are not supposed to know.  All we need to know is this:
1budget23 Singaporeans are now expected to believe that our economy did unexpectedly well and the focus should be on PAP’s “commitment to share the fruits of Singapore’s development with Singaporeans”.

PAP has probably assumed that most Singaporeans are idiots, including wealthy citizens.

The smaller-than-peanut “fruits” will be distributed according to one’s income:

However, these “fruits” had in fact come from Singaporeans in the form of various arbitrary cost increases, eg HDB car park charges, petrol duty, town council charges**, fees of public educational institutions, water prices, hospital and polyclinic fees, etc.

Using the example of increased HDB car park charges, one can see clearly how much PAP had profited prior to “sharing” with Singaporeans.

A private vehicle owner would have given PAP a $240 durian after HDB car park charges were raised in Dec 2016.  This excludes parking charges in other HDB car parks.
1budget24So, is PAP sharing the fruits of development or Singaporeans sharing the fruits of our labour, paying PAP elites million-dollar salaries?

If Singapore could afford to hand out $100 to every millionaire, then clearly we should not be seeing pioneers slogging at menial jobs everywhere.

Do Singaporeans earning a 6-figure assessable income really really think the PAP is sharing the fruits of Singapore’s development by giving them a $100 bonus?

Or is the $100 bonus an insult?  Perhaps “Wake Up Singapore” could conduct another survey.

Residents paying more = Less government grant for town council

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