PM Lee’s salary = 256% of entire Malaysian cabinet ministers’ pay

The table below shows a breakdown and total salaries of Malaysian cabinet ministers before a 10% reduction by PM Mahathir.

After the pay reduction, the entire Malaysian cabinet costs only S$71,384 per month. (S$1 = RM2.96)

Contrast this with PM Lee who typically earns a 20-month annual salary of about $2.2 million, ie monthly salary = S$183,333.

Isn’t PM Lee earning 256% of the entire Malaysian cabinet ministers’ pay?


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Sinkapore GE2020: Ruling PAP bows out in humiliating defeat after opposition landslide victory

Sinkapore GE2020: Ruling party bows out in humiliating defeat after landslide opposition victory

Broomberg News
31 Nov, 2020 1.05 PM

After ruling the country since independence without any oversight, Sinkapore’s Pee And Pee (PAP) party has suffered a humiliating defeat at the polls.

Although PAP wasn’t expected to win anywhere close to the 70% votes in GE2015, no one had expected its support to dip to 45%.

Reasons for its shocking loss range from citizens getting sick of its constant gerrymandering, increasing costs to give the impression of growth, entrenching racism(reserved presidency), etc.

Two of the biggest issues were linked to the abuse of CPF retirement savings, ie using CPF returns to supplement government revenue and the public housing scam, ie ministers lied about HDB flat prices increasing forever.

For decades, citizens were willing to overlook these 2 issues because PAP had delivered on the economic front. But with minimal job creation and better paying jobs reserved for foreigners, Sinkaporeans had decided to vote with their feet.

The straw that broke PAP’s back was likely to be the passing of a bill to allow the government to detain anyone it thought had the intention of spreading fake news.  Prior to this, the PAP legislated a one-person protest as an illegal gathering.

Helping the opposition coast to victory was Dr Tee See Block, a former PAP MP denied by his own former party from running for presidency.  Dr Block has also created history by uniting opposition parties, without which PAP could not have been brought to its knees.

After election results were announced at 3 AM, non-stop street celebrations have continued throughout the island till press time.

Broomberg interviewed many Sinkaporeans to find out how and why PAP was defeated and what PAP’s loss means to the country.  Interviewees’ response below.

Mr Chin Hua Hee: If not for the high percentage of propaganda lovers, PAP would have been kicked out long time ago. The corruption has been getting worse with billions paid to senior management of government-linked entities all legislated state secrets. PAP says paying themselves million-dollar salaries will prevent corruption but the truth is corruption has been legalized and the people are simply fed up.

Tidak Bin Apa: I normally quite relak but with PAP inviting foreigners to steal our lunch, then my job also at risk. Better I risk their jobs first la. Haha.

Tan Ah Kow: I work 40 years already but PAP now tell me to sell my flat because not enough money in CPF to retire. How come we contribute 37% of our salary – highest in the world – but cannot retire?  What happen to our CPF money?  I think we can find out what really happened to our CPF money only after voting the leeches out.

Boh Tow Now: Aiya, this PAP really stupid one la. The ministers all still think living in Lau Lee time got no internet one meh. Try to bluff citizens with fake sadistic and when they cannot hai gong the people, they don’t provide any figure to support their policy.  Cannot try to cheat people all the time, OK.

But the jubilance did not extend to those who stand to lose most with PAP’s defeat, ie grassroots leaders, senior civil servants who have worked for PAP against citizens’ interest, etc.

From today’s interviews, most Sinkaporeans seem optimistic about their future and are willing to accept some short term pain by voting out PAP.  According to most interviewees, this will allow a reset by the new government to put the country back on the right course.

A reliable source has informed Broomberg that the new government has plans to hold every former government leader to account if misdeeds are found.  However, this will take some time because of the massive amount of information concealed for more than 5 decades.

According to the same source, an independent ‘New Broom Sweeps Clean’ committee will soon launch an investigation to shine light on past unethical practices which have been swept under the carpet.

After more than 5 decades of oppressive rule, Sinkaporeans do deserve to look forward to a new dawn.  Broomberg wishes them well.




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PAP OK with collapse in prices of older HDB flats, minister says “there is still value”

In response to the collapse in prices of older HDB flats, MND Minister Lawrence Wong has insisted that “there is still value in older HDB flats”.  CNA

So long as the value of older HDB flats is not zero, Singaporeans can expect the million-dollar minister to keep repeating the same statement.

From 2013 to 2017, the price of a 4-room HDB flat above 40 years in Queenstown has plummeted by $124,000. A similar 5-room flat in the same estate lost $126,000 in value from 2015 to 2017.

Lessees of older flats are now KPKB-ing because they were ‘guaranteed’ by ministers – including LKY and son – that HDB flat prices would never fall.

Accordingly, most HDB lessees then planned to monetise their HDB lease, aka assets, for retirement and are increasingly feeling that they have been scammed.  The demand for HDB flats above 40 years have reduced to a trickle.

Using the above example, if prices of flats above 40 years had remained unchanged, similar to those below 40 years, downgrading could mean an additional $120,000 for a retiree living in Queenstown.  For a couple who top up this amount in CPF Life, they will receive an additional $1000 in total monthly payout for life.

Although HDB lessees of older flats have lost a big chunk of their retirement income, this appears to be of no concern to Lawrence Wong. And understandably so.
1lawrence1aA HDB lessee whose flat value has fallen from $670,000 to $550,000 since 5 years ago is no big deal to Lawrence.

After all, $550,000 is still value right?

Don’t be surprised that even if prices of older flat continue to fall, Lawrence’s mantra will be repeated in the media: “There is still value in older flats”.

Looks like HDB lessees can only suck thumb and await another PAP U-turn closer to GE2020.

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PAP and WP now brothers, no more sue until your pants drop?

When PM Lee has to praise WP in Parliament, chances are PAP has been shaken by BN’s fall.

PM Lee revealed that he had asked WP MP Low Thia Kiang about impending changes after WP MP Pritam Singh became the new secretary-general.

According to PM Lee, Low replied that “nothing much would change”, “WP has a role to play” and “things should not change suddenly“.

Whether Low said “things should not change suddenly” can only be confirmed by Low as it may have been taken out of context.

What PM Lee is also subtly suggesting to Singaporeans is not to boot out PAP the same way as Malaysians kicked BN out.

And so ST duly reported “Parliament: Workers’ Party has a role to play in Singapore’s political system: PM Lee“.

Question:  Didn’t PM Lee know that WP had a role to play if Low had not told him so?

As is evident from past actions against WP members, PAP did not want WP to have any role in Singapore politics.

Not only was WP MP JBJ sued, even potential WP candidate  Tang Liang Hong had to pay damages amounting to $8 million to PAP leaders in a defamation lawsuit shortly after he had lost in the 1997 GE.

Last year, Low told Parliament that PAP was exercising double standards if PM Lee did not take legal action against his own siblings over allegations of power abuse but was fine against political opponents like Tang.

Goh’s response: (Political opponent) “Tang Liang Hong, he’s not my brother.”

From attacking WP at every opportunity and not wanting it to have any role in Singapore politics to suddenly claiming WP is a role model keeping PAP “on its toes”, has WP become PAP’s brother?  No more sue until your pants drop?

PM Lee wasn’t the only person to acknowledge WP’s role; PM-in-waiting Chan Chun Sing even praised Low and thanked him. Link

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PM Mahathir: Fraudulent acts are committed when more than 90% elected officials are from one political party

In an Institute of Commonwealth Studies interview 3 years ago, PM Mahathir opined that some fraudulent acts must have been committed when more than 90% of elected officials were from one political party.

PM Mahathir:
Coincidentally, or otherwise, more than 90% of PAP candidates found their way into Parliament at every election since 1968. Wikipedia1mahathir1

In fact, from 1968 to 1976, there were no opposition MPs in Parliament.

Not sure if PM Mahathir had Singapore on his mind but fraud could not have been committed by the white-uniformed PAP.

Every action by PAP is lawful and PAP should know the law extremely well because all laws are enacted by …. PAP.

The only way to prove PM Mahathir right is when PAP becomes an opposition party and all past transactions pertaining to the use of state reserves are scrutinized.

This of course includes obscene remuneration paid to senior management of Temasek and GIC.

Hopefully, PM Mahathir is proven wrong.



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