PAP big guns fail to defend against allegations of power abuse at the top, Singapore’s reputation takes another beating

PAP has underestimated the political fallout from allegations of power abuse by PM Lee’s siblings.

Although 93% of MPs will defend PM Lee in Parliament on 3 July, this will eventually raise even more questions.

PM Lee’s position is untenable and he has again resorted to propapaganda, ie using PAP big guns to mislead the public. However, these big guns have been shooting blanks, including an old big gun popularly known as Lau Goh to netizens.  Current big guns include DPMs Teo and Tharman.

With his non understanding of the issue, ie merely “petty disputes”, Lau Goh was real quick to make himself into a joke.

If it is merely “petty disputes”, Goh should explain to Singaporeans why Parliament is involved in resolving petty issues.

In other countries, a deputy head of state has important matters to settle.

In Singapore, a DPM sets up secret ministerial committees (Teo), beomes a member of the committee (Teo) or are tasked with explaining the necessity of secret ministerial committees (Tharman). Many Singaporeans term this as ‘jiak liao bee’.

Without even touching on the issue of alleged power abuse, DPM Tharman has asked Singaporeans to “have confidence, no matter today’s sad dispute“. Tharman and his party hope that the 70 percenters will continue to trust PAP blindly and soon forget about allegations of power abuse as the issue should be a “sad dispute”.

In his FB post published on TOC, Tharman went on ad nauseam about the need for ministerial committees.

As usual, Tharman did not forget to indulge in some self praise in the same post: “You can count on the fourth generation leaders to keep to a system that upholds the laws of the land, prioritises the common good and looks to the long term.” But frankly, Singaporeans are disgusted by ministers like Chan, Ong, etc who behave more like clowns and constantly utter stupidity.

Tharman is also the same minister who insulted Singaporeans when he claimed that the government should not disclose information based merely on public interest. Another  case of PAP big guns firing blanks?

Allegations of power abuse at the top must be addressed in court. By masking the issue with propaganda – PAP big guns firing blanks – Singapore’s reputation has continued to go downhill.


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PM Lee refuses to address siblings’ power abuse allegations, only refers questions on 38 Oxley Road to a 93% PAP-controlled Parliament

I refer to CNA article, “PM Lee apologises to Singaporeans over dispute with siblings; to answer questions in Parliament on 38 Oxley Road”.

The PAP government, with assistance from a PAP-controlled MSM, has continued to frame the issue as one of family dispute to distract Singaporeans from allegations of power abuse by his siblings.

Without addressing the allegations of power abuse, more ordinary citizens like me will lose confidence in PM Lee as he is clearly mishandling the situation.

PM Lee now intends to seek exoneration from a 93% PAP-controlled Parliament, excluding PAP-appointed NMPs, which will further damage Singapore’s reputation. He doesn’t seem to give a hoot about whether foreigners are watching our ‘Korean familee drama’, unfortunately. 😦

By trivialising the issue of alleged power abuse into non existence, PM Lee’s apology appears to be as fake as fake news.

PM Lee was reported to have said he “deeply regrets that the dispute has affected the country’s reputation and Singaporean’s confidence in the Government”.

If he has regrets, then why doesn’t he look at the power abuse issue in the eye? Why allow an increasing number of Singaporeans to lose confidence in the government?

When PM Lee’s father LKY was alive, he did not hesitate to take legal action against his political opponents – and even foreign media – for slander.

It is therefore puzzling for PM Lee, a chip of the old LKY block, to allow himself to be slandered as if he has not been defamed. It’s hard to believe that PM Lee has suddenly become really flame proof. Merely 3 years ago, he had taken legal action against Roy on just one CPF blog post after he had watched Roy’s blog for some time.

According to Professor Jayakumar, LKY could “be criticised for foolishness, maybe even for incompetence, for arrogance, but his red line was — not on reputation and integrity”. LKY took legal action to “get those who impugn his integrity to justify their allegations”.link

LKY has passed on for only 27 months and the issues of reputation/honesty/integrity suddenly became non issues to his son? Not even after LHY has called him a liar?

Image may contain: text

What about sister Lee Wei Ling who has also accused PM Lee publicly for his “mischief and dishonesty in his long rebuttal that showed her to be trying to cheat him of his rightful share in their father’s will”? link

Should the leader of any country brush off accusations of dishonesty – under oath – by prominent members of society?

PM Lee: “I urge all MPs, including the non-PAP MPs, to examine the issues thoroughly and question me and my Cabinet colleagues vigorously.”

But the fact remains that after opposition MPs like JB Jeyeretnam was prevented from entering Parliament through bankrupting him, every Parliamentary sitting has been a wayang. The outocome of the 3 July sitting will be no different because questions from PAP MPs will likely be tailored to desired answers.

The presence of elected opposition MPs will have no bearing on the wayang as they – similar to all PAP MPs – have not even issued any statement on the power abuse allegations. 😦

Foreigners watching our ‘Korean familee drama’ must have been amazed at the main actor’s skills – in acting blind, deaf and dumb at the same time.

More twists to the plot are to be expected after PM Lee’s exoneration by his Parliamentary subordinates on 3 July. 😦

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Law minister Shanmugam’s”ridiculous” comment on conflict of interest even more ridiculous

After 5 decades of relying on propaganda to run the government, PAP ministers presently lack the ability to convince Singaporeans with sound arguments.

Lee Hsien Yang has recently disclosed that Law Minister Shanmugam’s inclusion in the “secret committee” formed to prevent the demoltion of LKY’s house.  LHY has also stated that there is a conflict of interest because Shanmugam’s views had been sought prior to the drafting of LKY’s will.

As to be expected, Shanmugam is unhappy and has taken issue with LHY’s disclosure of facts.

Firstly, the committee was “secret” prior to LHY’s disclosure and suggests something amiss.  If the preservation of LKY’s house was in the interests of the public, the government would not have formed a secret committee but debate the issue in Parliament.

Understandbly, Shanmugam is unhappy to be associated with anything secretive for obvious reasons.

In view of the increasing threat of terrorism, Singaporeans would have thought Shanmugam must have been busy doing what he’s paid to do as MHA minister.  It’s a shame that the PAP minister was tasked to be a member of a secret committee – not for some important work – to preserve a supposed-to-be-demolished house. 😦

PAP government has got its priorities wrong.  Again.

Prior to the formation of the secret committee, Shanmugan had already known for a fact that LKY had wanted his house to be demolished after his death.  Law Minister Shanmugam’s view was sought and taken into account to demolish LKY’s house.

Wasn’t he in conflict when tasked to be part of a committee working against LKY’s wish to consider options to preserve 38 Oxley Road?

Since Shanmugam could not convince Singaporeans that  he was not in conflict,  he then anyhow claimed that he was “sure most Singaporeans are sick and tired about these endless allegations, which are quite baseless”.

Shanmugam is clearly clutching at straws and imagines the non-existence of social media.

If Shanmugam did not bury his head in the sand, he would have known that many Singaporeans are fed up with PAP’s abuse of power and this deeply embarrassing familee drama is being watched by an international audience.

The issue – framed by local media – has never been about LKY’s house but abuse of power by PAP, as highlighted by foreign media.

One PAP member who does not believe in blind obedience said on his FB: “This is not a wild allegation made by some fringe group, but by the Prime Minister’s siblings, who are high-profile individuals. It is therefore not disloyal to ask questions and seek answers on the issue. ”  He is of course not alone.

Isn’t it unbecoming for a law minister to make a misleading statement?

Or maybe the government will commission another LTA-type survey to prove that many Singaporeans are sick and tired of endless and baseless allegations?

The “right” thing Shanmugam should have done was recuse himself from the house-cannot-demolish committee.  But of course nobody knew at that point in time that the issue would blow up to such an extent or the secret committee would be exposed.

If Shanmugam was expecting MSM headlines to achieve the objective of propaganda, he will be sorely disappointed.

Without sound arguments to convince Singaporeans, Shanmugam’s “ridiculous” comment has made him look even more … ridiculous.

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DPM Teo also did not want to demolish LKY’s house, ministerial committee was to further PM Lee’s personal agenda

I refer to  CNA article, “I’ve not thought about what lies beyond demolition: Lee Hsien Yang on Lee Kuan Yew’s Oxley home”.

CNA has continued to assist PAP by publishing an increasing amount of information to complicate a simple wish of LKY: demolish his house after his death.

Singaporeans are already aware that PM Lee has no intention of demolition as he intends to continue milking maximum political mileage from his father’s house.

The CNA article has also confirmed that even PM Lee’s deputy Teo Chee Hean shares his view in not demolishing 38 Oxley Road, against LKY’s wish.

DPM Teo: “For instance, they know that I would personally not support the options at either end of the range: At one end, preserving the house as it is….; and at the other, demolishing the house and putting the property on the market for new private residences “.

Does Teo own the house? Can he just suka suka override LKY’s wish?

A survey has already confirmed that 77% support demolition vs 17% who don’t.  So whose interests are Teo trying to protect?  Is this a government working for the people or screwing the people? 😦

PM Lee and DPM Teo do not want to demolish 38 Oxley Road and their views were already  made known to their subordinates.  The ministerial committee – comprising members who are their subordinates – was formed to suggest options and ensure LKY’s wish remains … wishful thinking.

It is therefore logical to conclude that the formation of a ministerial committee was to ensure demolition was no go and further PM Lee’s personal agenda.

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Former PM Goh ignores abuse of power allegations, ‘defamation-must-sue-or-leave-cabinet’ now no pakai

I refer to CNA article, “Singapore will not be dragged down by Lee family’s ‘petty disputes’: ESM Goh”.

This Lau Goh is really one funny guy who’s able to ignore the elephant in the room. Never mind if power abuse allegations are serious; he just wants to focus on “petty disputes”. Petty is something that is of little importance or trivial. The you-say-this-I-say-that dispute between PM Lee and his siblings is anything but petty.

Someone (I don’t want to mention the name) once said that $600,000 was peanuts but the amount involved in this case could be at least 100 times the peanuts. So how could the dispute be a peanutty one?

The power abuse allegations will have serious ramifications for Singapore as the issue has already been reported in international media. Singapore will not be dragged down? Sure or not?

Later, he did admit there will be some fallout: “Whatever damage Singapore may suffer, willfully inflicted or otherwise, I know Singaporeans will not lay meek.”

Goh has continued to live in denial and said on his FB: “What is happening in public between Lee Kuan Yew’s children is not us and should not be allowed to define who we are.”

Goh actually has a solution for his “petty dispute” and allegations of power abuse – he is not given the emeritus title for nothing – but it probably requires his memory to be jolted. The only way to prevent Singapore from being dragged into muddier water is for PM Lee to take legal action or leave the cabinet. This is strictly according to Goh’s high moral standard.

Almost 2 decades ago, Goh said: “We have an understanding that if a minister is defamed and he does not sue, he must leave cabinet. By defamation, I mean if somebody says the minister is on the take or is less than honest. If he does not rebut it, if he does not dare go before the court to be interrogated by the counsel for the other side, there must be some truth in it.”

The allegations of power abuse have been widely reported, even in our neighbouring country. Malaysiakini Foreigners may soon believe that our PM is a liar, if this perception remains uncorrected.

Not only has LHY called PM Lee a liar, Dr Lee has chided PM Lee for being “mischievous and dishonest“. theindependent Double whammy.

The days of trying to pull the wool over Singaporeans’ eyes with propaganda are over and Goh should not conveniently ignore allegations of power abuse.

Neither should he conveniently forget he once insisted on the need to call in Aunty Sue when a minister has been defamed. Or the alternative is for the minister to leave cabinet, according to wise leader Goh.

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