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Desperate PAP no longer in control, may join BN sooner than thought

Desperate times call for desperate measures and, clearly, PAP’s plan has not been following its script.  Unscripted events:

After undertaking contempt of court proceedings against PM Lee’s nephew, the eat-finish-too-free AGC (AG Lucien Wong is PM Lee’s former personal lawyer, Dy AG Hri Kumar is former PAP MP) has lodged a 500-page complaint against PM Lee’s sister-in-law.

Some GLCs are so badly managed that they have either been sold to foreigners, privatised or found to be corrupted on a massive scale. This has adversely affected PAP’s revenue generation and whiter than white image.

With decreasing prices of older HDB flats, more Singaporeans – especially HDB lessees – are now convinced that ‘asset enhancement’ was all along another PAP scam.

After PAP had spent $80 million to refurbish Seletar Airport, the Mahathir government recently established a “permanent Restricted Area for the purpose of military activities over Pasir Gudang”. PAP’s plan to transfer airlines from Changi to Seletar Airport looks unlikely to take off.

Filing a lawsuit against Leong Sze Hian over the sharing of an article on Facebook appears to have backfired and has severely embarrassed PM Lee.

And of course PM Lee’s own sibling who has supported Leong with a “meaningful sum”, “not $1”.

The tide has now turned against PAP.  The possibility of PAP joining BN after the next GE should not be ruled out.

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