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Keppel Corp’s ‘good governance’ includes concealing information from shareholders, sanctioning 17 nameless current and former employees

  As the PAP continues to prevent further embarrassment to its elites, governance at Keppel Corporation has now turned into a joke. On 30 December, KepCorp’s O & M unit reported that 17 current and former employees have been sanctioned … Continue reading

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KOM scandal likely tip of GLC corruption iceberg

The PAP government has tried to portray itself as whiter than white for decades. But things are about to change with the revelation of Keppel Offshore and Marine senior management – including one former Colombo Plan scholar – being involved … Continue reading

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Singapore is in trouble, PAP continues to fake economic ‘growth’

Why are elites’ million-dollar salaries not pegged to productivity growth but fake GDP growth?  It is because they really don’t have any idea of how to increase productivity to generate real economic growth. 😦 This is how an IPS intern aptly described PAP’s productivity … Continue reading

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Don’t be a goondu, don’t anyhow believe in PAP’s fake rebates, subsidies and grants anymore

Singaporeans have been fooled/scammed for decades.  But many still believe in PAP’s fake rebates, subsidies and grants.  A few examples: Subsidised public housing and CPF housing grant Without knowledge of the component costs of HDB flats, HDB lessees should not … Continue reading

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Keppel’s senior executives involved in corrupt payments must return millions in ill-gotten gains

Remuneration of senior management is pegged to company performance. Keppel’s senior executives must have collectively been paid additional millions over 13 years as a result of corrupt payments for their “stellar performance”. 😉 According to this Reuters report, the Temasek company had … Continue reading

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