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20160831 Time to change the Constitution to have a minority PM?

The wayang on having a minority candidate for Pesident has started and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The cowardly PAP has again stooped lower than an abyss in another attempt to prevent transparency from seeing daylight. The need to … Continue reading

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20160830 CPF members pay up to more than $1 million for PAP’s ‘guarantee’, a form of taxation

Singaporeans have been taken for a very long CPF ‘guarantee’ ride by PAP. As has been highlighted in a previous post, the government, as a trustee, was never in a position to guarantee our CPF. This is just another way … Continue reading

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20160829 CPF members should not confuse facts with PAP’s propaganda

I refer to ST’s propaganda by Joanna Seow dated 26 August, “Singaporeans don’t realise what a good deal the CPF is”. Singaporeans are in fact getting smarter and the headline should read “Singaporeans have realised what a bad deal the … Continue reading

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20160828 Past reserves: PAP ‘jaga’ should disclose number of times/amount used

The majority of Singaporeans would agree that the most important role of our elected president is to ‘jaga’ the hundreds of billion$ in our past reserves. Since DPM Tharman’s response to former NMP Lina Chiam’s question in 2013, billions have … Continue reading

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20160826 How many “Arriums” do CPF members/GIC own?

I refer to ST article “GIC keeping close tabs on cash-strapped Arrium” dated 26 August. Why is it keeping tabs on Arrium only after its shares have become worthless? If GIC had been monitoring its investments, it would have been … Continue reading

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