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20160831 Time to change the Constitution to have a minority PM?

The wayang on having a minority candidate for Pesident has started and the outcome is a foregone conclusion. The cowardly PAP has again stooped lower than an abyss in another attempt to prevent transparency from seeing daylight. The need to … Continue reading

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20160830 CPF members pay up to more than $1 million for PAP’s ‘guarantee’, a form of taxation

Singaporeans have been taken for a very long CPF ‘guarantee’ ride by PAP. As has been highlighted in a previous post, the government, as a trustee, was never in a position to guarantee our CPF. This is just another way … Continue reading

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20160829 CPF members should not confuse facts with PAP’s propaganda

I refer to ST’s propaganda by Joanna Seow dated 26 August, “Singaporeans don’t realise what a good deal the CPF is”. Singaporeans are in fact getting smarter and the headline should read “Singaporeans have realised what a bad deal the … Continue reading

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20160828 Past reserves: PAP ‘jaga’ should disclose number of times/amount used

The majority of Singaporeans would agree that the most important role of our elected president is to ‘jaga’ the hundreds of billion$ in our past reserves. Since DPM Tharman’s response to former NMP Lina Chiam’s question in 2013, billions have … Continue reading

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20160826 How many “Arriums” do CPF members/GIC own?

I refer to ST article “GIC keeping close tabs on cash-strapped Arrium” dated 26 August. Why is it keeping tabs on Arrium only after its shares have become worthless? If GIC had been monitoring its investments, it would have been … Continue reading

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20160825 Prata or people’s president?

MSM, PAP’s in house newsletter, has expectedly gone into propaganda overdrive after former president Nathan had died. It has engaged in outrageous half truths and lies. Was Nathan really the people’s president? Or a prata president? Most Singaporeans that I … Continue reading

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20160825 Another CPF/GIC investment gone ‘pock kai’, more than A$400 million loss

I refer to a May 2015 post, “GIC investing our CPF using ‘tikam tikam’ model, based on hope”, where I had highlighted “Arrium Ltd”, an Australian company with business interests in mining, mining consumables and steel. Sadly, Arrium recently went … Continue reading

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20160823 2016 NDR speech: PAP still trying to rally Singaporeans with propaganda and half truths

I refer to PM Lee’s 2016 NDR speech. As with previous NDR speeches, it was yet another occasion for shameless self praise and, of course, propaganda. In his 2015 NDR speech, PM Lee went as far as claiming we were … Continue reading

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20160823 PM Lee’s 1 week MC an aristocrat’s privilege?

PM Lee was taken ill while delivering his NDR speech on 21 August. This was due to a temporary drop in blood pressure from prolonged standing, exhaustion and dehydration. With a rest of slightly over an hour, he was back … Continue reading

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20160823 Cheapskate $8 Minister Khaw should give durian treat to all affected MRT passengers for major disruptions

$8 heart bypass minister has continued to engage in propaganda without addressing the real issue of regular MRT major disruptions. Yesterday, Khaw announced to the world in a FB post that he had given a durian treat to Downtown Line … Continue reading

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