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20150331 If only PM Lee had listened to his wise father on the population issue

All our problems are directly linked to PAP’s immigration/foreign talent policy ie Singaporeans losing jobs to foreigners, depression of wages, overcrowding, sky high housing prices, etc. In 2007 when the population was only 4.5 million, the PAP had already announced … Continue reading

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20150328 Governance system the real legacy of Lee Kuan Yew, not myth created by propaganda

As had been expected before Lee Kuan Yew’s demise, the PAP and the mainstream media have gone on a one week propaganda blitz. For the PAP to capitalise on LKY’s death in an attempt to gain sympathy votes, it reveals … Continue reading

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20150225 Is this really our CPF investment?

The PAP no longer controls the media and in the internet age, it should disclose all relevant information to stakeholders. I have been trying to understand how GIC invests with our CPF, why it has been paying us extremely low … Continue reading

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20150324 Tony Tan’s propaganda about our history is a joke

PAP should cease wasting tax dollars on its propaganda because it is no longer effective in the internet age. This is also an insult to citizens and will invite even more ridicule. Unless PAP doesn’t mind becoming a laughing stock. … Continue reading

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20150322 $20 million or probably more, Temasek must disclose CEO’s pay package

I refer to TRS article “Is the Singaporean taxpayer subsidising Ho Ching’s bonus” by Kenneth Jeyaretnam. As stakeholders of Temasek Holdings, all citizens have the right to know not only the bonus of its CEO but the annual pay package … Continue reading

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