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Why did CPFB delete annual reports from website if nothing is amiss?

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Nothing wrong with CPF and reserves but PAP needs to delete MAS annual reports from website?

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Some CPF annual reports deleted from its website

CPF annual reports from 2001 to 2007 AR2001 AR2002 AR2003 AR2004 AR2005 AR2006 AR2007

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MAS 2006/2007 and earlier annual reports deleted by government

MAS Annual 1997/1998 MAS Annual 1998/1999 MAS Annual 1999/2000 MAS AR 2001/2002 MAS AR 2002/2003 MAS AR_2003/2004 MAS AR_2004/2005 MAS AR 2005/2006 MAS AR 2006/2007 MAS AR_2007/2008 MAS_AR 2008/2009 MAS AR_2009/2010 MAS AR  2010/2011 MAS AR  2011/2012 MAS AR  2012/2013

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GIC’s runaway management costs not PAP’s concern?

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Temasek’s excessive management costs should be reduced

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A transparent GIC will lead to PAP’s collapse

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GIC conceals massive cash position but not a squeak from reserves jaga Halimah or Parliament?

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A fatality waiting to happen in LKY’s garden city?

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Why is PAP spending millions in tax dollars on social media managers?

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