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20151031 Singaporeans better off without Temasek Holdings

When it comes to the performance of Temasek Holdings, Singaporeans read only all the good stuff in the PAP-controlled media and have mistakenly believe Temasek is a savvy investor. There is ample evidence to confirm it has been an utter … Continue reading

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20151028 Hepatitis C outbreak – why is the government afraid of convening a COI?

I refer to CNA’s “Govt will convene COI on Hep C cluster if WP is prepared to present evidence for allegations: MOH”. Minister Gan seems confused/doesn’t know his job or perhaps he is just trying to confuse the public with … Continue reading

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20151027 Singapore’s rail system will improve when government stops appointing unqualified CEOs

I refer to Minister Khaw’s blogpost, “Catching rats”. Something must have struck Khaw for him to suddenly realise the need for non book-smart engineers. But so long as PAP keeps parachuting paper generals and book-smart scholars to run our PTOs, … Continue reading

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20151025 PAP should discard ‘upside-down’ planning model, don’t TKSS anymore

The last couple of decades have confirmed PAP’s planning for Singapore after the first 10 years never existed. I have highlighted this in previous posts and will attempt to explain it clearer to the 70% who do not possess the … Continue reading

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20151021 Motherhood statements will not resolve transport issues

I refer to CNA’s “Rail reliability: Singapore’s reputation is on the line, says Transport Minister Khaw”. Hmm.. Really? Singapore’s reputation on the line? Which foreigners have their eyes glued on our failing MRT system, if it’s not already in ICU? … Continue reading

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20151020 Foolish Singaporeans relinquish control of their money (CPF) to PAP

Singaporeans have been fed so much propaganda that they seem to relish being controlled by PAP. Questions are seldom asked, as if important ones don’t matter. In other democratic countries, national pension funds are managed transparently – not commingled with … Continue reading

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20151016 Every school is a good school is a joke

I refer to ST’s “Heng Swee Keat as education minister: A study in bold moves” 4 days ago. PAP just can’t resist using the mainstream media for self praise. But does Heng deserve to be praised to high heavens? Many … Continue reading

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20151014 Lee Kuan Yew probably right about Singaporeans being daft

70% of Singaporeans have yet to realise that Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy is our opaque and unaccountable government. No need to be a rocket scientist to know that: – No good can come out of a government which has concealed … Continue reading

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20151012 Should GIC invest US$1 billion in Brazil’s healthcare sector?

Five months ago, it was reported that GIC paid US$1billion for 15% of Brazil’s Rede D’or. Rede D’or ranks among Brazil’s biggest hospital operators with 4500 beds across more than 27 locations. Although Brazil’s healthcare sector is profitable, it is … Continue reading

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20151010 Real objective of immigration policy is to increase headcount and GDP

Singaporeans had better start to give some thought to our lax immigration policy and not be afraid to question PAP’s failure. If the immigration policy is not a failure, PAP would have been able to disclose statistics such as new … Continue reading

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