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20130730 Passion card – Rubbish by association

Highlighted to Elias CC that location beside rubbish dump inappropriate for Passion card membership advertisement on 28 June. Despite lots of space for this banner, the management committee does not wish to apply common sense in the selection. No … Continue reading

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20130729 SMRT spokesman abrupt resignation, what’s really happening?

It was reported 2 days ago that SMRT chief spokesman, Ms Kalai Natarajan, has handed in her resignation and will leave on Monday. link Ms Natarajan’s resignation comes on the heels of a major reshuffle where 8 senior management staff … Continue reading

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20130728 Wrong to name scholarships with taxpayers’ money

CNA article (27 July) “New role at Temasek “a good challenge”: Lim Boon Heng” diverted from Lim Boon Heng’ new role at Temasek to his past business-related achievements at NTUC. (link) Fortunately, he did not claim he did anything for … Continue reading

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20130719 PAP’s populist government puts Singapore at risk

I fully agree with Law Minister Shanmugam who recently said “one of the biggest risks for Singapore is a populist government that spends increasing amounts of money to succeed”. CNA news Could there have been some referrence to the HDB … Continue reading

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20130718 Diploma holders marrying cannot hope to buy 3 rm resale HDB

The PAP government’s definition of affordability requires a serious relook by all Singaporeans. Unless we’re not a developed and wealthy nation: – most of us should not be requiring any form of subsidy/grant from the government to own a basic … Continue reading

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