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Depleting our CPF = Saving for retirement?

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PAP’s GDP growth shortcut will doom our children’s future, only a question of ‘when’

Fact: PAP has been generating economic ‘growth’ by increasing headcount since Goh Chok Tong became PM in 1990. The one-trick PAP pony is now totally reliant on this shortcut. That PM-to-be Heng Swee Keat recently cited “former chief planner Liu Thai … Continue reading

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PUB takeover of Tuaspring will see 50,000 Hyflux investors lose 100% of investment

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Were senior executives paid millions in bonuses from Temasek’s $11.65 billion sale of 3 power stations in 2008?

These 3 power stations (table below) were constructed using mostly CPF funds. But shortly after their transfer to Temasek at undisclosed prices,  they were all sold to foreign companies. If they had been transferred at rock-bottom prices – similar to POSB … Continue reading

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CPF trial balloon: Time for Singaporeans to vote for transparency and accountability

Issue with CPF has always been huge retirement funding shortfall.  Since decades ago. PAP has never addressed this issue.  Instead, additional billions have been channeled to GIC by: –  delaying payout, –  increasing Minimum Sum balance, –  allowing wealthier citizens … Continue reading

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Hyflux Board, KPMG should be held accountable

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Every asset owned by Temasek belongs partially to CPF members

With total control of Parliament, 100% of our CPF became government loans. It can be said that without our CPF, Temasek would not be managing hundreds of billions today. Despite having used our CPF, every profitable GLC has been transferred to … Continue reading

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Electricity scam: How Singaporeans kena ripped off by Singapore Power and PAP

Senoko, Pulau Seraya and Tuas power stations were constructed in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s respectively. During the early years, the PAP government used mostly CPF monies to finance infrastructure construction and setting up GLCs. These 3 power stations belonged to … Continue reading

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Alternative oppo needed, WP only wants to assist PAP

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Partial land sales revenue can be used for social spending, no need to increase forever

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