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Malaysia’s EPF : 1, Singapore’s CPF : Kosong

Fact: Our CPF scheme has failed retirees and is even worse than Malaysia’s EPF scheme. For comparison, we’ll use the amount strictly allocated for retirement, ie EPF A/C 1 vs CPF SA. (Round off to 16% for EPF A/C 1 … Continue reading

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How wealthier CPF members kena scammed but loving every moment of it

The PAP government has always tried to avoid spending a single cent on citizens through all sorts of scams. The most well known scams are of course selling HDB leases which include land price and creaming off returns from CPF … Continue reading

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The CPF Life scam and why PAP should return our CPF

Roy was right about “The Dirty CPF-HDB Scheme To Trick Singaporeans“. I will not touch on the HDB part but only state the obvious about our CPF. Is CPF money, or not money? CPF savings used to fund housing becomes … Continue reading

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CPF Board should stop tweaking CPF scheme, learn from Malaysian counterpart to tackle retirement shortfall issue

Our CPF system has been abused for far too long and is in urgent need of a revamp. The issue of retirement adequacy has never been properly addressed: allocation rates have not been amended (nor CPF interest rates increased). Even … Continue reading

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The $346 billion CPF question: What is the PAP concealing?

Governments do not conceal information which should be in the public domain for no rhyme or reason. This is common sense. When it comes to managing citizens’ retirement funds or state reserves, there is even more reason to be transparent. … Continue reading

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Want to resolve MRT issues? Commuters should file class action lawsuit against SMRT

Dear MRT commuters Our patience was tested again when SMRT CEO, chairman and MOT minister absolved themselves of blame for the MRT tunnel flooding on 7 October. You should know the real issue has never been addressed since 2012, after … Continue reading

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CPF Board escalating efforts to trap more retirees’ savings, members beware

Every initiative taken by CPF Board is never to address the issue of retirement shortfall. Instead, it invites members to top up our accounts or delay withdrawal. So, how much does GIC need to cover investment losses? $10 billion? $100 … Continue reading

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Control of CPF members’ money allows PAP to exert control over ordinary citizens’ lives

Singaporeans are able to empower ourselves but most prefer to be enslaved by PAP. PAP controls the population through control of the media, security forces and state finance (including CPF and land). One way to break PAP’s control is to … Continue reading

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CPF Board introduces new CPF Life plan to trap more CPF

The PAP must be laughing all the way to the bank at how easy Singaporeans could be taken for a ride. The CPF Board has just introduced another new plan to trap even more CPF in GIC. Called the CPF … Continue reading

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MRT tunnel flooding: Minister Khaw should be exemplary, give up his 7 months’ bonus this year

Many Singaporeans are disgusted with Minister Khaw for putting the blame squarely on SMRT Bishan maintenance team after a tunnel flooded on 7 Oct. Instead of convening a COI to get to the root of the issue, SMRT chairman Seah … Continue reading

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