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20160430 SMRT: FY2016 profit up 20% but commuters may need to pay higher fares

SMRT has just reported that its FY2016 net profit has increased by 20% to $109.3 million. Despite making more money, SMRT has hinted that fares need to be adjusted (don’t ask if it’s upwards) because “fares are not keeping up … Continue reading

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20160428 A PAP-managed town council with PAP grassroots will not serve Bukit Batok residents

Dear Bukit Batok residents I urge you to consider very carefully before voting for a part-time PAP MP. He can promise you heaven on earth before the election but once power is in his hands and $16k in his pocket, … Continue reading

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20160425 Lelong, lelong … 1-year Indian MBA degree advertised on SPH portal only $230!

Ah Kow: Bro, got some good news. No need to listen to PAP productivity bullshit because we can double our pay. Ahmad: Kow, you sure or not. Better don’t do anything illegal OK. Kow: Trust me just one time – … Continue reading

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20160424 Broken MRT system due to PAP’s upside-down planning, expect more major disruptions

Our MRT system design is fundamentally flawed and no amount of “extensive rcommendations to boost rail network’s power system” will prevent more frequent and regular major disruptions. It was conceived way back in 1967 with construction starting in 1983. Operations … Continue reading

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20160422 Will Singaporeans be outraged if hundreds of millions was paid to Temasek’s CEO from our reserves?

The government should be upfront with Singaporeans on the hundreds of millions of our reserves used to compensate Temasek’s directors. It shouldn’t fear transparency if there’s nothing wrong. The PAP can’t turn around and insist that the government is not … Continue reading

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20160422 What is the role and remuneration of an offshore company director?

ICIJ database on Singapore has an old list of some 4918 “officers and master clients”. The list consists of Singaporeans, Indonesians, Chinese, Indians, Ang Mohs, etc with offshore companies incorporated in Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Panama, etc. Ex paper … Continue reading

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20160420 Budget 2016: the deception continues (2)

With reference to my post “Budget 2016: the deception continues” and PAP’s recent ‘clarification’ “Why are some revenues not included in the Budget Statement”. PAP: “…Land sales form part of Singapore’s Past Reserves, which are invested”. PAP should not continue … Continue reading

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20160416 Budget 2016: the deception continues

PAP’s misallocation of financial resources in Budget 2016 does impact our lives. We could demand transparency from PAP to put a stop to the deception or continue to allow ourselves and our children to be screwed. We have a choice. … Continue reading

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20160412 Singaporeans should not be distracted from real issues by the monkey

Ah Kow: Wa circus come to Singapore leow. You all read about the monkey creating trouble? Ahmad: Better be careful OK? Anyhow call the PM wife monkey she will get Aunty Sue to drop your pants. Ah Kow: I not … Continue reading

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20160409 WTF are PAP ministers talking about?

MOM Minister Lim Swee Say has boldly proclaimed “Employment Pass criteria tightened to favour Singaporean Core”. Armed with a PHD in TKSS, Lim has decided to confuse Singaporeans with terms such as “double weak company” and “triple weak companies”. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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