20160823 PM Lee’s 1 week MC an aristocrat’s privilege?

PM Lee was taken ill while delivering his NDR speech on 21 August. This was due to a temporary drop in blood pressure from prolonged standing, exhaustion and dehydration.

With a rest of slightly over an hour, he was back on stage to conclude his speech. After a late night check up at the SGH, the PMO announced on 22 August that PM Lee would be on medical leave for 1 week.

Under normal circumstances, mere mortals would probably get at most 1 day MC for temporary drop in blood pressure due to prolonged standing, exhaustion and dehydration. As for an NSF, he would probably be labeled chao keng because his temporary drop in BP would be undetectable by the time he saw the MO. So how come PM Lee was given one WEEK medical leave while no doctor would have done likewise for ordinary citizens?

If PM Lee’s condition were serious, he would not have been able to conclude his speech and sent to hospital immediately. So how serious was his condition? Let’s hear it from his cabinet colleagues.

DPM Tharman: Mr Lee has had a grueling schedule recently and was “just feeling faint” after standing for a prolonged period of time. I wouldn’t worry too much. This was a little blip.

Minister Ng Eng Hen: PM had a brief fainting spell. Not serious, similar to what soldiers get from standing on the parade square too long. (Shouldn’t all NSFs be given 7 days medical leave for similar symptoms?)

Of course they are not medical doctors la, one may say. So let’s see what real doctors at SGH have confirmed.

Minister Vivian: Mr Lee’s tests at SGH were all normal.

If it was just a “little blip”, “not serious” and confirmed by tests at SGH that nothing was wrong, why was PM Lee given 1 week medical leave? Aristocratic privilege?


No one is begrudging a well deserved medical leave but PM Lee should have recovered with a full day’s rest. It appears PM Lee has been accorded a privilege at taxpayers’ expense.

Perhaps PM Lee’s job is now tougher than elderly Singaporeans who are cleaners and cardboard collectors, some who are in their 80s.

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4 Responses to 20160823 PM Lee’s 1 week MC an aristocrat’s privilege?

  1. abpap says:

    in the olden days NS men who fainted on parade square 100% get charged and throw into DB. F*** lh. Still got so many idiots on internet so concerned about him. I didnt hear so many concerns when the elderly worked till died in toilet. Singapore really got no hope with so many stupid people

  2. david says:

    The PM was not ill. It’s a strategy

  3. Darren Lum says:

    Take leave also want to criticise. Like also want to blog. If Singapore is threatened and need to go to war to defend our country, let’s see if you will take arms and fight. Otherwise, pls do something else more beneficial to the society/community instead of blog ranting bullshit.

  4. Doctor86 says:

    Phillip Ang is a doctor?

    Please post your medical credentials here so we know you are qualified to give MC

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