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Total annual income of PM Lee exceeds $3.3 million

Singaporeans have been fooled by the PAP.  Nowhere in the world do government leaders concurrently receive millions in salary and a pension. PM Lee comes to mind. According to the Parliamentary Pensions Act: (2)  The annual amount of pension payable to an … Continue reading

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Did Pension Fund increase by $1.8 billion since 2004 to enrich PAP elites?

The pension scheme for most civil servants was scrapped more than 30 years ago.  Strangely, the PAP government retained the scheme for MPs (till 1995) as well as thousands of PAP elites. After the loss of a GRC in 2011, PAP was forced to … Continue reading

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The $40 million question: Did 9 PMO political appointment holders receive $40 million in FY2010?

Dear PMO I have gone through a number of past budget statements and would like to seek clarification on the  $40 million expenditure on 9 PMO political appointments in FY2010.  $40 million is a hell lot of tax dollars lavished … Continue reading

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GIC confirms abuse of CPF

CPF monies are state reserves managed by GIC primarily to benefit the government, not CPF members. This was confirmed by GIC in 2015: (link) Questions which thinking CPF members should ask the PAP government: 1. Why is the PAP government using … Continue reading

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Majority of Singaporeans will soon wake up to a retirement nightmare

After legislating CPF as government reserves, CPF retirement savings no longer belong to members: they belong to the government. This is the reason why CPF members have no recourse when PAP creams off a huge portion of CPF returns earned … Continue reading

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PAP’s meritocracy in Little Red Dot

2017: 2018: 2018:

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HDB director lies, invents new terms to cover up CEO’s ‘error’

I refer to HDB director (Strategic Planning) Jeffrey Aw’s ST Forum reply. (“Living density different from population density“) Jeffrey has tried to defend HDB CEO Cheang Koon Hean’s blunder and invented a new term “liveable density”. Jeffrey: “Housing Board chief executive Cheong Koon … Continue reading

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Will taxpayers be screwed by Temasek’s childcare investment again?

2008: Temasek lost more than S$1/2 billion in childcare investment. 10 years later: Business Times With additional millions in tax dollars from Temasek, MindChamps looks set to go on a buying spree, as Temasek did a decade earlier. Will history … Continue reading

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SM Lau Goh and MM LKY were once paid more than $4 million, PAP must stop creating new cabinet posts

The PAP government must not create million-dollar posts for ministers who have left cabinet.  This is a huge cost to taxpayers. When Lau Goh became PM, the government created the SM post for LKY to continue earning millions in tax dollars. If … Continue reading

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Temasek wants to make money for retail investors or from them?

Temasek appears to be as desperate as PAP to raise funds. (Temasek unit to open private equity door for retail investors) The sources of funds for private equity firms are usually wealthy/institutional investors such as pension funds.  It is strange for Temasek … Continue reading

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