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PAP elites earn thousands of tax dollars a day, still entitled to $1 per day parking in HDB estates and Parliament House

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Electricity tariff increase to benefit Temasek, help recoup losses from US$1.3 billion investment

Next month, SP Group will rip off consumers and businesses with another round of  electricity tariff increase based on oil price increase, not natural gas. The price of natural gas is almost unchanged from 1 year ago. The tariff increase will ultimately … Continue reading

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CNA sneakily corrected fake news with … more fake news

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Beware: Impending increase in electricity tariff another PAP scam

I refer to “Commentary: Oil prices have gone up and it may affect your electricity bill” by Allan Loi and Nur Azha Putra. CNA is clearly complicit in another PAP scam because oil prices should have been delinked from electricity … Continue reading

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41,800 Primary 1 places for 33,200 Singaporeans?

CNA (27 June): 2,600 more places available for Dragon year Primary 1 cohort: Ong Ye Kung

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CPF Medisave daylight robbery?

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PAP at its weakest, coalition with right manifesto can put PAP to sleep

PAP has been focused on profiting from citizens since decades ago.  Incompetence has now weighed heavily on PAP which is at its weakest point in history. Singaporeans are also increasingly fed up with PAP’s leeching activities, insufficient/regularly breaking down infrastructure, constantly burdening citizens … Continue reading

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Unethical to charge land cost for HDB lease, huge CPF loss

Due to constant propaganda by PAP, HDB flats appear to be affordable. But once buyers become aware that we are merely lessees and work out the actual cost of the 99-year very long-term lease, we begin to understand just how costly and … Continue reading

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Former Ambassador-at Large Bidadari now a mind reader

Malaysian PM Mahathir will likely seek to renegotiate the terms of our water agreement, according to a Bloomberg interview. This has invited a FB response from former Singapore diplomat, Bidadari Kausikan. Strangely, the response is anything but diplomatic and it … Continue reading

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Why is AG silent on absurd $1 per day HDB and Parliament House parking charge for MPs?

Come August, teachers will have to pay for parking at school premises.  Uncovered and covered lots will cost $720 and $960 a year respectively. After more than 5 decades of free parking, the MOE policy review was triggered by “the … Continue reading

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