Why is AG silent on absurd $1 per day HDB and Parliament House parking charge for MPs?

Come August, teachers will have to pay for parking at school premises.  Uncovered and covered lots will cost $720 and $960 a year respectively.

After more than 5 decades of free parking, the MOE policy review was triggered by “the Auditor-General’s (AG) disapproval in 2015 of some educational institutions allowing their staff to park for free or charging fees below the market rate”. Today

Current AG Willie Tan  is a former SAF scholar and CPF CEO from 2002 to 2005.

According to the AG, “Such practices were “tantamount to providing hidden subsidies for vehicle parking”.

Today, the government has disclosed to Singaporeans that “Elected MPs pay S$365 a year for parking at HDB car parks and Parliament House“. CNA
1parkingThis works out to be a token smaller than peanut $1 per day!

Since MPs are paid almost $200,000 in annual allowance to do their job (vs teachers who are paid a fraction in salary), it appears that the PAP government has been providing hidden subsidies to elected MPs (mostly PAP) for decades.

What then is the purpose of a 5-figure MP monthly allowance?

This flies in the face of our clean-wage system and such hidden perks for elected MPs must be removed.

Over to you, Willie Tan. 😉




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3 Responses to Why is AG silent on absurd $1 per day HDB and Parliament House parking charge for MPs?

  1. Sinkie says:

    Not surprising that most ministers & senior civil servants get to enjoy privileges beyond the reach of ordinary Sinkie peasants. Becoz of history & societal norms — the Asian deference to those in authority, and the class-oriented culture inherited from old UK.

    Another common and quite well known perk is the ability to maintain personal KrisFlyer programme and collect free air miles from taxpayer-sponsored business-class flights around the world.

    I used to work in a stat board where dept directors could use their “free” air miles to send their families for long haul holidays on biz class flights every year. At that time, directors’ salaries in most stat boards only around $12K-$15K per month — not rich enough to splurge on biz class airfares for whole family everytime.

  2. loongfei says:

    Nobody does the one country, two systems better than the SG gov.

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