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20150830 Singaporeans should vote for PAP … to retire

As PAP continues to spin more half-truths using state-controlled media, it should be obvious to Singaporeans that PAP has no intention of resolving our issues. PAP’s ill-conceived policies have taken a toll on ordinary citizens and since we really NEED … Continue reading

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20150828 Understanding how PAP’s insane population policy will doom our children’s future

Singaporeans should not blindly accept every bit of propaganda fed by PAP. PAP’s economic miracle is all related to an insane population policy which has caused a lot of unnecessary stress and suffering for the people. Be it housing, retirement, … Continue reading

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20150826 “Talk khawk, sing song” (TKSS) PAP politicians are a liability to our country

LKY was PAP and PAP is still LKY. LKY’s ‘prescriptive’ approach is still being employed by PAP which has continued to assume well-educated Singaporeans are daft. But it is the PAP politicians who are dumb because they are still not … Continue reading

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20150725 PAP government should provide breakdown of Temasek’s $43 billion increase in portfolio value

PAP should be upfront with Singaporeans on the management of public funds by Temasek Holdings. Our reserves belong to ALL Singaporeans, not PAP. Temasek should not simply claim its portfolio value has increased by $43 billion without providing any breakdown. … Continue reading

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20150824 Singaporean youths should be wary of PAP’s profit motive, don’t vote for incompetence

The last 2 decades have seen so many policy missteps that epic screw ups = PAP = new normal. But our country was never so mismanaged before Goh Chok Tong became PM. Singaporean youths may not have experienced a Singapore … Continue reading

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20150822 Boot PAP out or kiss our CPF goodbye

Before the year is up, CPF members will have a chance to demand every cent of OUR CPF back at 55. We will also be able to deny PAP’s arbitrary rewriting of CPF rules to continue increasing and channeling our … Continue reading

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20150819 Pasir Ris GRC voters should rejoice, don’t miss the chance to slap PAP really hard

I do not understand why Pasir Ris GRC voters should feel cheated with SDA contesting in my GRC. To me, that’s a blessing in disguise. We can’t have everything we want in life and should make use of the current … Continue reading

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20150818 PAP’s only promise – more screw ups in Singapore Inc

The PAP has been running our country as Singapore Inc for decades. . It has be devoting massive public resources to further its business interests, the same resources which if had been used to serve citizens, would have prevented epic … Continue reading

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20150816 ST survey: 80% of voters think PAP committing harakiri in GE 2015

GE 2015 will likely be held next month to minimise PAP’s incompetence making headline news. The Ass Tee (ST), Singapore’s leading online media, conducted a second interview with the same 5 ordinary Singaporeans at a coffee shop to feel the … Continue reading

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20150815 Why Pasir Ris voters should support SDA

(I am not a member of any political party) SDA’s Desmond Lim does not deserve to be ridiculed for not being articulate. There are good reasons for voters not to dismiss Desmond as a potential MP. In fact, we really … Continue reading

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