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20140730 CPF questions and their ‘factual’ answers

The PAP government needs to come clean on the CPF issue which has been festering for decades. Millions of words have been spoken and printed but CPF members remain in the dark. The PAP government will only lose more credibility … Continue reading

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20140729 Huge 30-year Medisave M S increase to support privatisation of public hospitals, GIC

The CPF Medisave Account Minimum Sum (MA MS) has increased at an insane rate since it was introduced in 1984. The government says that the yearly increase is to adjust for ”healthcare inflation”. But the “healthcare inflation” was clearly government-induced … Continue reading

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20140726 HDB-CPF schemes to benefit citizens or a scam?

The CPF system needs a revamp because the use of retirement savings to fund public housing is a flaw. The burden of a 30 year loan for public housing places undue stress on ordinary and low income citizens. HDB-CPF schemes … Continue reading

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20140723 CPF – government insists on tweaking a broken system, sows more distrust

I refer to “CPF system will evolve to meet changing needs: DPM Tharman” and “CPF under review to better buffer against inflation: Manpower Minister”. Both ministers were speaking at a CPF forum organised by IPS on 22 July. Recall we … Continue reading

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20140722 CPF(no)Life scheme – 18% CPF members aged above 55 dead before reaching 65

Is the CPF Life scheme for the living? According to ICA statistics, the answer is clearly ‘no’. Every year, almost 3000 Singapore residents above 55 will be dead before they can even receive one cent from their monthly payout at … Continue reading

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