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20160228 MOE (acting) minister only knows how to copy and paste, ignores real issues

(Turning on his laptop) Arumugam: Here we go again – another jiak-liow-bee minister got idea from Japan and Taiwan for students to do area cleaning in schools. Million dollar paid to learn copy and paste approach. Ah Kow: Aiyah what … Continue reading

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20160227 Are you still a CPF idiot?

Do Singaporeans really understand anything about CPF after all the complications introduced by PAP?. Below is a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ self gradable test. Questions: 1 CPF is for our retirement but GIC invests 100% of our CPF in foreign … Continue reading

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20160223 National service: Time to reduce/abolish discriminatory conscription tax

National service is a form of tax which discriminates against male citizens. Since there’s a real financial loss, NS is akin to a conscription tax (CT) levied on male Singaporeans. An 18-year old could easily earn $1500 a month in … Continue reading

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20160222 Stupid idea from book smart SPF scholars

Ah Kow: Bro, you all notice or not. “Police officers” stationed at every shopping centre nowsaday. I think the SPF employ more than 10,000 police officers last 2 years. Ahmad: You joking la. You mean the stupid idea cardboard policemen … Continue reading

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20160219 Elected or selected presidency, both a waste of tax dollars

With the Presidential Election due in 2 years’ time, the PAP government has arbitrarily decided to review the eligibility criteria of potential candidates. (“Three aspects of elected presidency to be reviewed: PM Lee”) One of the 3 areas to be … Continue reading

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20160218 PAP Zainal Sapari’s low-wage wayang

Ah Kow: Bro, you think ST say about labour MPs “raising concerns behind closed doors” is true? Ahmad: Hello, Kow, you OK or not. Singapore where got any workers’ union? Mana ada labour MP? (Turning on his laptop) Arumugam: OK, … Continue reading

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20160216 After the financial crisis, we can kiss our CPF goodbye

As a CPF member, I have no faith in our system because I suspect huge losses are being covered up. The government does itself a disservice by continuing to be opaque. It is obvious to me that GIC has been … Continue reading

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20160213 ST article on Temasek Holdings misleading

I refer to ST article “Temasek increases stake in US-based pharma firm” by Jeremy Koh. (27 Jan) ST: “Temasek Holdings lifted its shareholding in Nasdaq-listed Portola Pharmaceuticals last year “.. “increased its holding by 750,000 shares over the course of … Continue reading

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20160212 Is Temasek speculating with our reserves, again?

Temasek divested a record S$10 billion plus in 19 listed US companies from September to December last year. As at 30 Sep 2015, Temasek had 20 positions worth about US$10.5 billion/S$14 billion. Some of these investments were held for years, … Continue reading

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20160210 HDB tenancy/lease transaction doesn’t confirm ownership

Singaporeans never owned any public housing unit but the majority of us have chosen to belief in propaganda instead of facts. This despite legal documents stating we are merely lessees. HDB ‘owners’ have confused themselves and continue to believe that … Continue reading

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