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20160228 MOE (acting) minister only knows how to copy and paste, ignores real issues

(Turning on his laptop) Arumugam: Here we go again – another jiak-liow-bee minister got idea from Japan and Taiwan for students to do area cleaning in schools. Million dollar paid to learn copy and paste approach. Ah Kow: Aiyah what … Continue reading

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20160227 Are you still a CPF idiot?

Do Singaporeans really understand anything about CPF after all the complications introduced by PAP?. Below is a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ self gradable test. Questions: 1 CPF is for our retirement but GIC invests 100% of our CPF in foreign … Continue reading

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20160223 National service: Time to reduce/abolish discriminatory conscription tax

National service is a form of tax which discriminates against male citizens. Since there’s a real financial loss, NS is akin to a conscription tax (CT) levied on male Singaporeans. An 18-year old could easily earn $1500 a month in … Continue reading

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20160222 Stupid idea from book smart SPF scholars

Ah Kow: Bro, you all notice or not. “Police officers” stationed at every shopping centre nowsaday. I think the SPF employ more than 10,000 police officers last 2 years. Ahmad: You joking la. You mean the stupid idea cardboard policemen … Continue reading

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20160219 Elected or selected presidency, both a waste of tax dollars

With the Presidential Election due in 2 years’ time, the PAP government has arbitrarily decided to review the eligibility criteria of potential candidates. (“Three aspects of elected presidency to be reviewed: PM Lee”) One of the 3 areas to be … Continue reading

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