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20161031 Still believe in the “dishonorable son” wayang?

In April this year, LKY’s daughter Lee Wei Ling shocked Singaporeans when she called her brother, PM Lee, a “dishonorable son” as well as accused him of abusing power to “build a dynasty”. TOC article Wei Ling also posted her … Continue reading

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20161030 Kwa Soon Bee’s death another attempt to spread “affordable” healthcare half-truth

Kwa Soon Bee died today and as expected, MSM wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to praise him to high heavens. link Worse, he had a part to play in our “affordable” healthcare system. As a beneficiary of Kwa’s … Continue reading

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20161030 Is STTA’s Dy President David Sim Yeow Kwee or Feng Tianwei the real “bad egg”?

PAP grasslooters parachuted into any taxpayer-funded organisation should be properly taught by their political masters not to anyhow shoot from the hip as their incompetence is easily exposed. Their only comment should be “no comments” and strictly observe the golden … Continue reading

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20161029 STTA president Ellen Lee makes self-insulting statements and becomes a joke

Ahmad: Bro, you heard about the changes er.. I mean sackings at STTA? Ah Kow: Ya, I heard. First the PRC Li Hu kena sacked because he brought lady friend into the dorm not once but many times. Maybe he … Continue reading

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20161028 Scrap the politicised President’s Star Charity, a waste of public resources

The President’s Star Charity (PSC) is an annual event promoting PAP’s ‘compassion’, another round of milking unknowing citizens. It should be scrapped. Recipients of donations need not fear the lack funding because contributions through Mediacorp’s hotline pale in comparison with … Continue reading

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20161027 Government preparing citizens for economic downturn by … talking nonsense

Minister after minister has kept making unverifiable statements to prepare Singaporeans for a severe economic downturn. Unsurprisingly, PM Lee claims “we are pursuing the right strategies” but he does not know if the “right strategies” will work wonders in a … Continue reading

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20161024 Minister Ong Ye Kung talking cock about job creation for Singaporeans

Khaw used to be top on the talking cock list but younger aspirants like Minister Ong Ye Kung seems to have mastered the art in double quick time. Perhaps being sarcastic, Ong says “Singapore needs an economy driven by new … Continue reading

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20161023 Are part-time MPs Baey and Tin snake oil sellers?

I refer to PAP’s wayang in “Falling parts in old blocks: Call for more checks”. The misleading article gives the impression that parts are falling off HDB blocks because they are old, ie more than 30 years. What about the … Continue reading

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20161022 More feedback needed to prevent road accidents

I have been providing feedback to the TP for a number of years. (link in my email below) The TP have acted on my feedback but the few feedback are insufficient to paint the real situation of our roads. Businesses … Continue reading

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20161022 Temasek-linked companies given access to unlimited tax dollars?

Temasek-linked companies seem to have access to unlimited tax dollars. In June last year, TLC Surbana Jurong (SJ) acquired KTP Consultants and Sinosun Architects & Engineers. Surbana Jurong intends to continue acquiring companies to morph into a global player and … Continue reading

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