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One and only qualified Indian PE candidate praises herself, talking too much cock

On her independence after becoming President on 23 September, Halimah Yacob: “I do not serve any political party”. CNA She’s got to be kidding to assume Singaporeans don’t know what bullshit is. Typical of PAP, Halimah has already engaged in … Continue reading

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LKY’s garden in a city must go, human cost will be too high

Due to severe weather patterns, LKY’s ‘garden in a city’ is turning into a nightmare. Yesterday, another NParks tree killed a 5-year old boy after falling on him. ​In the past few years, there have been a few fatalities and … Continue reading

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How many CPF members want to invest in an Indian property developer, keechiu

CPF members have been severely shortchanged by the PAP government. We were never consulted nor was there any debate before PAP decided to dump all our CPF in risky foreign assets. PAP simply legislated CPF into GIC via conversion into … Continue reading

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PAP population policy failure cheapens Singapore PR to a piece of tissue :(

PAP’s population policy has failed. It has again tried to mask its failure by concealing material information and engaging in propaganda. It should be obvious that the Singapore PR is now like a piece of tissue – to be used … Continue reading

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PAP’s suka-suka planning = long-term planning?

Singaporeans should wake up from propaganda before PAP takes our country over the cliff. We should cease believing any form of long-term planning exists since Lau Goh became PM and begin to question highly-paid incompetence. Almost all the issues we … Continue reading

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