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After HDB playgrounds, will overhead bridges also double up as clothes lines?

Singapore’s landscape is fast changing with overhead bridges now put to very good use. . What will they think of next?

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20161124 SingPost should not have told junk mail half truth

I refer to “You’ve got junk mail: SingPost says most residents welcome advertising material”. link Did SingPost even conduct a survey of, say, one-tenth the total number of households?  Or did SingPost merely talk to 100 residents living in rental flats before arriving at … Continue reading

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20161022 More feedback needed to prevent road accidents

I have been providing feedback to the TP for a number of years. (link in my email below) The TP have acted on my feedback but the few feedback are insufficient to paint the real situation of our roads. Businesses … Continue reading

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20160902 GIC’s responsibility to recoup investment losses

From: pipakh Sent: Monday, August 29, 2016 8:21 PM To: Arrium Shareholders United Subject: 20160829 GIC’s responsibility to recoup investment losses Dear Mr Law I am merely a blogger pressing for more transparency and accountability from my government. GIC manages … Continue reading

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20160719 Losing thousands of supermarket trolleys no issue to Fairprice

Since at least a decade ago, thousands of supermarket/IKEA/Courts trolleys have gone missing every year. They could be abandoned along walkways and roads, traffic junctions, below HDB void decks, etc or have become personal trolleys. It was recently reported that … Continue reading

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