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2016 Year in review: PAP took Singapore further downhill, worse lies ahead

2016 is the year when things really started to fall apart – a warning to PAP not to ignore good governance. 5 decades of minimal transparency and accountability has brought Singapore closer to self destruction. Control came with negligible costs … Continue reading

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Minister Ng says Terrex issue doesn’t threaten our existence, let’s move on

Our Terrex tanks have been detained in Hong Kong since 24 November and it appears the PAP government cannot guarantee their return. Instead of addressing Mindef’s epic screw up, the issue is reframed by comparing it to the potential threat … Continue reading

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Exposing half truths behind Certis Cisco’s Taiwanese recruitment

I refer to “Certis Cisco recruiting officers from Taiwan”. There’s more than meets the eye. Certis Cisco (CC), a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, was supposed to have advertised, but probably did not, on the Jobs Bank. Temasek Holdings, which owns … Continue reading

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Goh Chok Tong: A courageous leader decades ahead of his time

The MOE should consider including little known facts in school textbooks, such as, our leaders’ courage and being decades ahead of their time. Recently, Minister Ng Eng Hen lauded MP Charles Chong for being courageous: Charles was not afraid of … Continue reading

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Waiting for PAP elites to serve = waiting for durian to drop

The PAP has proven time and again that it is out to fleece the people and service is just an afterthought. Still not obvious to the 70 percenters is the fact that top civil servants’ and ministers’ salaries are in … Continue reading

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Time to scrap HDB flat property tax, arbitrary annual valuation

Singaporeans should not delude themselves and continue to believe we own our HDB flats. link PAP knows that non-ownership means there’s no need to pay any property tax. But since it needs to give the illusion of ownership, HDB lessees … Continue reading

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Is the SPF understaffed or unproductive?

From: pipakh Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2016 12:56 PM To: hoong_wee_teck Subject: Is the SPF understaffed or unproductive? Attention: Mr Hoong Wee Teck Commissioner of Police Dear CP Hoong I refer to “Uniquely Singapore – Singapore police unable to complete … Continue reading

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PAP shortchanged voters, fielded candidate with known serious medical condition in GE 2015

Although PAP has finally decided to come clean with voters, it has also confirmed it propensity to conceal material information. “MP Charles Chong ‘courageous’ to stand in Punggol East despite liver condition: Ng Eng Hen”. CNA It is wrong for … Continue reading

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Still don’t understand how PAP created our housing bubble?

If you marvel at PAP’s public housing miracle, chances are, you: – Are ignorant. – Have not given the ‘miracle’ any thought. – Do not care if our children are screwed by 25/30 years of high housing mortgages. – All … Continue reading

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20161220 63 new paper generals since 2007, but is there a need?

Singapore is a joke but the joke has always been at the people’s expense. We may not have the highest per capita GDP but it has been confirmed we have the highest per capita generals. But not real one OK, … Continue reading

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