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MRT tunnel flooding: Khaw, SMRT CEO and his army buddies should be thrown under the bus, not only maintenance team

Acting in unison with SMRT CEO and chairman, MOT Minister Khaw has decided to throw the Bishan maintenance team under the bus without addressing the rot at the top. ‚ÄčIn MOT’s wayang, CEO Kuek anyhow claimed that he would be … Continue reading

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CPF Board not aware of where CPF was invested

Dear CPF members I am trying to establish if indeed CPF is invested in SSGS. However, there is no information on the history of SSGS besides what we have been told by the government and statements on MOF website. Tried … Continue reading

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MOT Minister Khaw’s fake apology: Despite flooded MRT tunnel and record disruptions, we have done well

After more than a week of rehearsals, SMRT CEO, Chairman and MOT Minister Khaw have finally decided to hold their wayang to celebrate the record 20-hour disruption caused by a flooded tunnel on 7 Oct. SMRT CEO Kuek Kuek has … Continue reading

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Class-action suit only option for CPF members to right a sorry situation

Dear CPF members My proposal to launch a class-action suit against the government has generated a tremendous amount of interest. As this is an unprecedented move, we should be mindful of pitfalls and temper our expectations but be resolute in … Continue reading

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Silver lining for retrenched SPH journalists, help stop SPH running down our country

Dear retrenched journalists Things happen for a reason and all is not doom and gloom. For those of you with a conscience, you must be finally relieved to be free from engaging in propaganda and helping your political master PAP … Continue reading

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