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HDB director lies, invents new terms to cover up CEO’s ‘error’

I refer to HDB director (Strategic Planning) Jeffrey Aw’s ST Forum reply. (“Living density different from population density“) Jeffrey has tried to defend HDB CEO Cheang Koon Hean’s blunder and invented a new term “liveable density”. Jeffrey: “Housing Board chief executive Cheong Koon … Continue reading

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Will taxpayers be screwed by Temasek’s childcare investment again?

2008: Temasek lost more than S$1/2 billion in childcare investment. 10 years later: Business Times With additional millions in tax dollars from Temasek, MindChamps looks set to go on a buying spree, as Temasek did a decade earlier. Will history … Continue reading

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SM Lau Goh and MM LKY were once paid more than $4 million, PAP must stop creating new cabinet posts

The PAP government must not create million-dollar posts for ministers who have left cabinet.  This is a huge cost to taxpayers. When Lau Goh became PM, the government created the SM post for LKY to continue earning millions in tax dollars. If … Continue reading

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Temasek wants to make money for retail investors or from them?

Temasek appears to be as desperate as PAP to raise funds. (Temasek unit to open private equity door for retail investors) The sources of funds for private equity firms are usually wealthy/institutional investors such as pension funds.  It is strange for Temasek … Continue reading

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GIC – fund manager of CPF and state reserves – should disclose, reduce billion-dollar payroll expense

GIC – manager of CPF and state reserves – does not disclose it payroll/management costs and its actual performance is also unverifiable. But from available information, GIC’s payroll expense should easily exceed $1 billion annually.  This should be reduced because there … Continue reading

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