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20140128 Adam Khoo singing the same PAP tune

TRS article “Singapore multi-millionaire Adam Khoo: The expats will rule Singapore” (in a couple of years) was a prediction by Adam Khoo (AK) in 2009 which has yet to come true. link Was it even a prediction when our anti-Singaporean … Continue reading

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20140123 Anton Casey’s ‘smelly public transportation’ comment – will the government take action?

I refer to article “British expat Anton Casey’s posts ‘deeply offensive’: Shanmugam” on Yahoo Singapore. link Law Minister K Shanmugam said on his Facebook page that “like many Singaporeans, he was terribly upset and offended by Casey’s posts”. British expat … Continue reading

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20140122 MOE awarded almost one billion tax dollars in foreign student grants since 2010

I refer to the recent revelation in Parliament that the PAP government has been awarding $210,000,000 in annual tuition grants to foreign students since 2010. link (4 years X $210 million=$840 million) A big thank you to the WP (MP … Continue reading

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Impending fare hike – fuel prices went down last year

I refer to Asiaone article “Concessions to cushion fare hikes”. The government has again cherry picked data to support another round of increase in fares for public transportation without first improving the standard. 1 Minister Lui pointed out that … Continue reading

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20140107 No editorial oversight at Straits Times, DPM mistaken for Minister

On 15 Dec, ST mistook DPM Tharman for the Law Minister. I wrote about ST’s error here on the same day. (full article with wrong photo below) However, ST subsequently covered up the mistake and the correction rendered the blog … Continue reading

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20140103 MCE cost overrun $1.8 billion, cost overruns the norm

The PAP government must learn to project more accurately the cost of projects. In 2007, the LTA stated that MCE would be built by 2013, costing taxpayers $2.5 billion. link The MCE almost had to open in 2014 but the … Continue reading

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20140102 Drivers pay the price for ‘government shut down’

From: pipakh Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 11:48 PM To: PM LEE ; <a title="Nedumaran_RAMASAMY Cc: AGO ; <a title="amy_khor ; BTMAH ; <a title="charles_chongyf ; CHEN SHOW MAO ; <a title="choonhock ; CIVIL SERVICE HEAD ; <a title="newseditor ; … Continue reading