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20160131 NSFs and NSmen who want change should do what’s right for themselves and our children

NSFs and NSmen who want change should first try to distance themselves from state propaganda. By voting for a government with little transparency and accountability, there will only be token changes. PAP is essentially fighting yesterday’s war with useless paper … Continue reading

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20160130 Ordinary Singaporeans pay the highest tax rate in the world

Most ordinary citizens don’t seem to have realised we pay the highest taxes in the universe. We should not accept PAP’s conveniently narrow definition of tax which should include any amount which contributes to government revenue. I will use the … Continue reading

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20160127 Should HDB residents pay hundreds of thousands for MP greeting banners?

Do HDB residents want to pay higher S & CC? It’s about time we scrutinise TC expenditures. Some of the expenditures can be reduced, such as MP greeting banners. I have queried Pasir Ris Punggol TC but it has refused … Continue reading

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20160127 Temasek the greatest fund manager/investor of all time

Singaporeans should be proud of Temasek Holdings, the envy of every investor in the world. This is because it has produced outsized returns other savvy investors could only dream of. Formed in 1974, Temasek has been making tons of money … Continue reading

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20160125 PAP’s foolish immigration policy increases threats to social cohesion

PAP has continued to live in the days when ‘mata’ wore shorts by continuing to dish out motherhood statements. (“Threats to cohesion can be fended off if Singaporeans work together: PM Lee”) PM Lee: “..the country will hold together if … Continue reading

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20160123 Tiger Airways continues recovery in Q3?

I refer to CNA’s “Tiger Airways continues recovery with higher Q3 net profit”. CNA has tried to pull a fast one on unsuspecting readers. Maybe its readers are not as intelligent as it has assumed? Tiger Airways is a failure … Continue reading


20160122 Ordinary Singaporean investors can easily outperform Temasek

Arumugam: Bro, today I want to tell you some good news. We all can outperform Temasek in investing because share markets have collapsed and there will companies with very good value. Serious. Kow: You crazy or what? They 40 years … Continue reading

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20160119 When a subsidy is not a subsidy, a grant not a grant

PAP should focus on improving the well-being of Singaporeans instead of using propaganda to delude itself. The more citizens are assisted by the government, the worse off we are. If our economy was really on steroids, why should we need … Continue reading

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20160117 Tony Tan’s study to improve our political system just another wayang

I refer to CNA article “Govt will study whether and how to improve Singapore political system: President Tony Tan”. Tony Tan’s speech is carefully worded to mean there will be no change. PAP has been running Singapore for 5 decades … Continue reading

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20160112 Academic suggests nonsensical option to trap more CPF

I refer to BT’s “Use GIC returns as component in calculating CPF OA returns: academic”. Instead of not stating the obvious which has been stated countless times but rejected by PAP, Prof Chia Ngee Choon would do well to think … Continue reading

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