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20160112 AssMRT: More major disruptions akan datang, commuters should accept their fate

AssMRT announcement Dear loyal commuters, We refer to the latest, but not the last, major disruption on the evening of 9 January. We are pleased to inform you that we have received were more compliments and constructive suggestions than brickbats. … Continue reading

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20160110 HDB flat buyers still living in denial: HDB is the owner of the most expensive concrete pigeon hole

Ah Kow: I heard from kopi tiam talking about our HDB not really belong to us. How come like that? Ahmad: Not possible leh. Must belong to me because every month my CPF OA become kosong to pay for my … Continue reading

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20150110 Even Masagos Zulkifli knows how to TKSS

Ah Kow: I read the CNA article “Singapore has to work together for sustainable future: Masagos Zulkifli” I catch no ball. Singapore is one country so work together with who? (Turning on his laptop to confirm Ah Kow’s observation) Arumugam: … Continue reading

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20160106 Singaporean singles are taxpayers, right to subsidised public housing without age restriction

I refer to CNA’s “Application rate for singles for HDB flats down since July 2013: HDB”. The above article misleads readers by stating this half truth – “The application rates for singles have fallen from a high of 58 applicants … Continue reading

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20160103 Analysis of a Temasek investment by Ah Kow, Ahmad and Arumugam

Ah Kow: Wa lau eh. Singapore SWFs damn sia sway. Can anyhow claim make a lot of money but no need to show any proof. Ahmad: GIC is worse then Temasek because it no need to show even one single … Continue reading

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