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GIC takes on riskier investments because of its asset mix

CPF members have been repeatedly told that GIC (and Temasek) does not take on riskier investments with our CPF and reserves. Source This not true. GIC has to take on higher risk because its asset mix demands a riskier approach. … Continue reading

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With all the pock kai CPF investments and UBS loss, GIC’s 6% long-term returns questionable

Singaporeans should think and question the management of our CPF. Why is GIC able to pay CPF members only about 3% returns (on average) when across the causeway, Malaysia’s EPF has been paying 6% for the last 20 years? Why … Continue reading

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SPH chairman Lee Boon Yang should stop talking cock

Every PAP-appointed CEO who screws up will be covered up by PAP’s propaganda machine. SPH CEO Alan Chan is no exception and has been repeatedly praised in the MSM, especially by former cabinet minister and SPH chairman Lee Boon Yang. … Continue reading

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CPF scheme serves GIC, not CPF members

Fortunately for the PAP government, most CPF members have continued to absorb propaganda like sponge. It’s a pity that all the efforts by Roy and others to enlighten members have almost gone to waste. One only needs to look at … Continue reading

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Collapse of government-linked companies not a question of if, but when (2)

When the government appoints former civil servants and army generals with zero private sector experience to head government-linked companies, rest assured it is digging its own grave. Or rather Singaporeans’ since it involves billions in tax dollars. 😦 In the … Continue reading

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Scholar-CEO who ran NOL into the ground likely to do the same to SPH, no one complaining

I refer to “Ng Yat Chung to replace Alan Chan as SPH CEO from Sep 1”. CNA Many Singaporeans are screaming with joy after learning that a former paper general has been appointed to head SPH because he is likely … Continue reading

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When the PM has to sell CPF snake oil/koyok, you know GIC is in trouble

The huge shortfall in retirement funding for Singaporeans is testament to the abject failure of our CPF scheme. Instead of addressing the issue, PAP has engaged in propaganda to create an illusion that all is well, eg in 2011, PAP … Continue reading

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Why did PAP invite new citizen Manu Sawhney to steal our lunch?

To PAP, born and bred Singaporeans are no longer talented and this has resulted in various government/government-related organisations employing foreigners/new citizens to top management positions. One such new citizen invited to steal our lunch is Manu Sawhney, a former Indian … Continue reading

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No massive CPF investment losses but GIC cannot be transparent?

Hundreds/thousands of transactions annually but GIC has preferred to keep information which belongs in the public domain private. Any government which conceals such information from the people does it to prevent embarrassment. Fact: Over more than 3 decades, GIC’s realized … Continue reading

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Collapse of government-linked companies not a question of if, but when

Top management of GLCs are all PAP-approved scholar types. Without prior relevant experience and no accountability, companies helmed by these jokers are destined to fail. Many have and more will follow. 😦 SIA recently surprised the market with Q4 losses … Continue reading

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