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Did Singaporeans rally together, support Mindef breaking Hong Kong laws?

Mindef and the PAP government are an embarrassment to Singaporeans for having broken Hong Kong laws and allowing our military equipment to be detained by China for more than 2 months. The PAP has been deflecting Mindef’s blunder by spinning … Continue reading

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Who are the real beneficiaries of overinflated costs in our public healthcare system? (6)

From: pipakh Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 4:19 PM To: PRITAM Cc: LEON ; <a title=”sylvia ; WP ; <a title=”kathijah.rahaman ; C K WONG ; <a title=”cue_liew ; GERALD GIAM ; <a title=”ken_dxb ; JAYA ; <a title=”cklau60 ; … Continue reading

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Chee Hong Tat first minister to win Talking Cock title in the Year of the Cock

TKSS Association of Singapore 555, Jalan Cakap Ayam Singapore 543210 Dear Minister Chee Hong Tat Re: Winner of Talking Cock title for Jan 2017 The directors of the TKSS Association of Singapore have unanimously decided to award Minister Chee our … Continue reading

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Did Keppel Corporation also terminate, not retrench, its employees?

Keppel Corporation (KepCorp), the world’s biggest oil rig maker, recently reported an expected set of lousy results and 10,600 job cuts in its Offshore and Marine division in 2016. link On KepCorp’s payroll are full-time employees and those on subcontract. … Continue reading

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Why Minister Ong Ye Kung prefers a totalitarian government to democracy, fears transparency

Our jiak liao bee ministers have nothing better to do than to organise seminars and praise themselves. Instead of tending to pressing economic issues, we have people like Minister Ong Ye Kung praising the PAP to high heavens and telling … Continue reading

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