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20141129 PAP on the side of foreigners, needs them more than Singaporeans

I refer to PAP’s propaganda by PM Lee “PAP will always be on the side of Singapore and of Singaporeans”. PM Lee’s entire article is full of self praise and it seems our leader has conveniently forgotten his recent actions … Continue reading

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20141127 Risk-averse PAP should not lecture Singaporeans to quickly learn from failure

I refer to “Equip students with skills to create future tech: PM”. PM Lee thinks Singapore can be transformed into a technology-enhanced “smart nation” with his pearls of wisdom ie having the ‘right’ education and a “can-do spirit of experimenting … Continue reading

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20141125 Did PAP use our CPF to finance other government obligations before 2001?

The PAP government has refused to be transparent on CPF issues. Members have been told our CPF has been invested in Special Singapore Government Securities (SSGS) issued by the Singapore government with a guaranteed low rate of return. But according … Continue reading

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20141123 HDB lessees should not contribute to sinking fund

There is no such thing as ownership of public property by citizens, HDB flats included. Our HDB flats are all on a 99-year lease and it is stated clearly on the lease agreement. ‘Owners’ are in fact ‘lessees’. It is … Continue reading

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20141120 Retirement shortfall caused by PAP abusing CPF

The British colonial authority introduced the CPF in 1955 as a compulsory savings scheme to fund our retirement. Five decades of countless PAP tweaks have resulted in a huge retirement shortfall for members ie “nearly 75% of Singaporeans do not … Continue reading

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20141119 PAP creates good jobs mostly for foreigners at Singaporeans’ expense

The PAP has never been able to create good jobs for Singaporeans. As the biggest landlord in Singapore, the PAP has been cheering higher land prices/rental for more than 2 decades. The profitability of a Singapore company is impacted by … Continue reading

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20141116 The abusive PAP government may fall sooner than we think

Three weeks ago, the executive chairman of Banyan Tree opined that PAP could only lose power completely after 25 years. Last week, we heard Han Fook Kwang, SPH Editor-At-Large, speculating on the possibility that PAP could even be in power … Continue reading

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20141115 PAP should stop CPF wayang, just return OUR CPF

CPF members are being treated to another PAP ‘wayang’ with the setting up of the CPF Advisory Panel to ‘listen’ to our feedback. The CPFAP comprises PAP-affiliated members such as NTUC’s Sylvia Choo, Braddell Heights CCC Chairman Ng Cher Yan, Taman … Continue reading

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20141112 GIC has been speculating with our CPF

GIC is not the long term investor as the PAP government would like CPF members to believe its propaganda. It is not acceptable that our $264 billion CPF investments have remained undisclosed for more than 3 decades. Why does the PAP … Continue reading

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20141109 Singaporeans’ well-being depends on the removal of the greedy PAP from government

As the dominant party in Parliament, the PAP has been able to enrich itself for decades. Every ‘proposal’ for a salary increase never failed to bring a smile on ministers’ faces. Pay increases have always been supported by ex PM … Continue reading

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