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MND Minister Lawrence Wong confirms Lau Goh’s/PAP’s “asset enhancement” programme is hogwash

Although MP and former PM Goh Chok Tong has been credited with our HDB “asset enhancement” programme, he has also single-handedly held an entire nation hostage to the property market. link With the PAP throwing tax dollars to continuously upgrade … Continue reading

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MOM Minister Lim to increase foreign workers, ignores social costs and talking cock again

MOM Minister Lim has indicated the government will increase the number of foreign workers after a post-Budget dialogue session with employers. link Employees are often invisible to PAP and of course depressed salaries is not an issue. It was also … Continue reading

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Should Madam President turn into reality, Singapore habis

PAP MPs and ministers should consider consulting a psychiatrist for their severe delusional disorder. For example, PAP MP, House Speaker and President-in-waiting Halimah Yacob: “Compassion was never far away ..”. link Is ‘enabling’ hundreds of elderly cardboard collectors, one as … Continue reading

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$10,000 motorcycle COE akan datang but will motorcycle owners vote to pay and pay?

Prices of motorbike COEs have been going through the roof. In the latest bidding exercise, a COE now costs $7483, an increase of 10%. COE prices have increased by 840% since 2010 (chart below). At the rate of increase, motorcyclists … Continue reading

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High overheads and costs of corporatised public hospitals recovered from patients

(This post is a slightly-edited comment explaining the high overheads and costs of restructured hospitals) I suspect the margin for “overheads and operations” are very high. This is the main problem with the restructuring & corporatizing of Singapore’s public hospitals … Continue reading

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