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MND Minister Lawrence Wong confirms Lau Goh’s/PAP’s “asset enhancement” programme is hogwash

Although MP and former PM Goh Chok Tong has been credited with our HDB “asset enhancement” programme, he has also single-handedly held an entire nation hostage to the property market. link With the PAP throwing tax dollars to continuously upgrade … Continue reading

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MOM Minister Lim to increase foreign workers, ignores social costs and talking cock again

MOM Minister Lim has indicated the government will increase the number of foreign workers after a post-Budget dialogue session with employers. link Employees are often invisible to PAP and of course depressed salaries is not an issue. It was also … Continue reading

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Should Madam President turn into reality, Singapore habis

PAP MPs and ministers should consider consulting a psychiatrist for their severe delusional disorder. For example, PAP MP, House Speaker and President-in-waiting Halimah Yacob: “Compassion was never far away ..”. link Is ‘enabling’ hundreds of elderly cardboard collectors, one as … Continue reading

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$10,000 motorcycle COE akan datang but will motorcycle owners vote to pay and pay?

Prices of motorbike COEs have been going through the roof. In the latest bidding exercise, a COE now costs $7483, an increase of 10%. COE prices have increased by 840% since 2010 (chart below). At the rate of increase, motorcyclists … Continue reading

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High overheads and costs of corporatised public hospitals recovered from patients

(This post is a slightly-edited comment explaining the high overheads and costs of restructured hospitals) I suspect the margin for “overheads and operations” are very high. This is the main problem with the restructuring & corporatizing of Singapore’s public hospitals … Continue reading

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No profit margin from sale of drugs? Onus on MOH to prove Minister Gan is telling the truth

As one of the biggest drug purchasers in the world, MOH Holdings should have been able to obtain bulk discounts from overseas suppliers. When medications are sold at much-lower prices across the causeway, something is clearly not right. WP recently … Continue reading

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PAP to introduce more meaningless CPF changes, still trying to mask failure of CPF scheme

The PAP government has refused to revamp the failed CPF scheme although it has indirectly acknowledged its failure in “Number of 55-year-olds with Basic Retirement Sum to go up”. However, the BT article requires some propaganda deconstruction to reveal the shocking … Continue reading

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Singaporeans left speechless by our cock-talking education minister, Ong Ye Kung

Ong Ye Kung is making himself look like a fool again when he anyhow claims our “Education system is going through an overwhelming adjustment”. CNA Our education system was designed to benefit PAP elites and any meaningful change will remove … Continue reading

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Singapore Power should not levy 12% p.a. interest on late payment, acts like Ah Long

PAP has the ability to profit from citizens in anyway it wants and its greed is really insatiable. While a pink notice reminder fee of 50 cents is acceptable as Singapore Power customers occasionally overlook payment, the 1% per month … Continue reading

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Stock market poised for sharp correction?

Technical indicators on the STI chart have been diverging for an extended period. Caution is warranted, especially for short-term traders. STI rally is also largely driven by DBS, OCBC and UOB which appear to be running out of steam. DBS … Continue reading

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