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20160929 Zero net profit from Temasek’s overseas investments?

Any company which has grown at Temasek’s phenomenal rate should be making increasing profits. Temasek isn’t. 1. In FY 2007, Temasek’s revenue and total profit were $74.6 billion and $13 billion respectively. Nine years later, although revenue has increased to … Continue reading

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20140929 Temasek’s net profit significantly below previous year, falls below 2007

Due to Temasek’s selective disclosure of information, ordinary Singaporeans and even experts don’t know its actual financial state. A question that’s been on my mind for quite a while – why has Temasek’s group net profit been stagnant despite a … Continue reading

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20160928 Singapore PR = tissue paper?

The PAP must review its flawed immigration policy and not continue to treat PRs as a numbers game to increase the GDP. Since PMs Lee and Goh increased the number of PRs from 112,100 in 1990 to 541,000 in 2010, … Continue reading

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20160926 Another ex paper general appointed LTA CEO, expect public transport circus to continue

The PAP has just announced the appointment of ex paper general Ngien Hoon Ping as CEO of LTA with effect from 12 November. CNA Coincidentally or not, Ngien will be taking over another ex paper general, CEO Chew Men Leong. … Continue reading

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20160925 Singapore: Falling down, broken, breakdown, falling to pieces

I refer to The Independent’s “External structure collapses at HDB block in Tampines” (photo below). It has become increasingly dangerous to live in our first world country. This is an older block constructed about 3 decades ago by more reliable … Continue reading

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