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Another day, another slap from Dr Mahathir

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PAP kena high-speed slap from Malaysian government

Every move made by the Malaysian government for the betterment of the country is a slap in PAP’s face. Yesterday, PAP received a high-speed slap after PM Mahathir confirmed Malaysia will scrap the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project. CNA  Mahathir labelled it … Continue reading

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Treatment of past reserves by PAP suggests ‘1GIC’ in our own backyard, dwarfs 1MDB

For strange reasons, the PAP has refused to disclose the size of our past reserves. For stranger reasons, past reserves could be depleted/kosong but Singaporeans will still be informed that the funds are still there. According to MOF: Assuming past reserves to … Continue reading

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Wrong to peg ministerial salaries to median pay of top 1000 private sector earners

PAP’s ministerial pay benchmark: Question: Which company was willing to pay any of the 4G leaders $1.1 million before they entered politics?          

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Singaporeans thankful to Mahathir government for slapping PAP hard

Ah Kow:  Our government dam siah sway leow.  Everyday kena slap by the new Malaysian government. Ahmad:  Bro, what you talking about? Ah Kow:  Everyday I read news about what Mahathir government is doing is like the opposite of what PAP … Continue reading

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Without transparency, PAP’s clean-wage policy is totally meaningless

PAP claims to have a clean-wage policy but it has continue to maintain a ‘clean’ image through propaganda. This is because PAP’s definition of a clean wage policy is simply the disclosure of a pay formula which leaves plenty of room for ministers … Continue reading

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Mega projects should be delayed if PAP has insufficient funds in reserves

Mega projects such as the Tuas mega port, Changi Airport Terminal 5, etc cost tens of billion$. Over the past few decades, the PAP should have accumulated hundreds of billons in reserves.  Reserves should be invested in infrastructure which will benefit future … Continue reading

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PAP should abolish payment of MP’s bonus, stop increasing citizens’ costs

The PAP government should review its own exorbitant salaries and allowances before implementing further cost increases for citizens. If PAP is so short of funds, one way to generate additional revenue is to cease paying MPs the 13th month bonus … Continue reading

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President Halimah + MP Seah = Bold changes wayang + Minister Ong = Status quo maintained

Earlier this month, President Halimah spoke about the need for bold changes from 4G leaders.  Her parliamentary speech was largely drafted by “the younger Cabinet members” ie 4G leaders themselves. Responding about 10 days later, PAP MP Seah Kian Peng participated … Continue reading

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PAP MP Seah Kian Peng preaches morality to PAP

The call for bold ideas by Halimah, unelected president of Singapore, has emboldened PAP MPs to speak up. PAP MP Seah Kian Peng has decided to seize the opportunity to lecture his own party on morality. Today On 18 May, … Continue reading

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