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20151229 Silly Singaporeans should stop believing in CPF half-truths

Every intelligent citizen will question a government which selectively discloses information. When material information pertaining to our CPF investments is privy to an inner circle of politicians, logically, something is amiss. Not to mention almost all the representatives of the … Continue reading

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20151225 Temasek should consider employing Ah Kow, Ahmad and Arumugam as fund managers

Temasek is seen as the richest book smart kid in fund management and has been taken for a ride by foreigners. Billion-dollar investment losses are not only downplayed in the local media but Temasek is portrayed as bestest fund manager … Continue reading

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20151223 Khaw Boon Wan emphasises the obvious, HDB achieves record zero defects in new projects

New Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has taken the art of TKSS, better known as talk-khawk-sing-song, to a higher level when he warned there would be teething issues for Downtown Line 2 after it starts operation this Sunday. Perhaps 70% … Continue reading

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20151220 Should Temasek continue to use billion$ for speculation?

Singaporeans have been misled but should have known by now that our reserves are being used for speculation. Sadly, this appears to be none of Parliament’s business. Billion-dollar speculation risks the loss of reserves accumulated over decades. If our state’s … Continue reading

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20151219 Roy’s defamation suit – excessive damages, lacking evidence

The Supreme Court has ordered Roy Ngerng to pay $150,000 in damages to PM Lee for defamation. Two important questions need to be asked: 1 – Was PM Lee defamed by an ordinary citizen? 2 – Where is the evidence? … Continue reading

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20151218 The Temasek that PAP doesn’t want the public to know

Most Singaporeans have blindly accepted every statement by Temasek as the gospel truth. Are Temasek’s stated returns factual? If they are, why has Temasek continued to engage in selective transparency for 4 decades? When we look at its Chinese investments, … Continue reading

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20151215 National service – NSFs not stupid, unmotivated because of PAP’s elitism

In a previous post on Singapore’s conscription, I highlighted this fact: PAP elites have been shortchanging Singaporean youths for decades with their double standard. NSFs are not stupid and they ‘have eyes to see’ for themselves how PAP policies have … Continue reading

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20151214 Are Temasek’s Singapore investments worth only $74 billion?

In the 2015 Temasek Review (TR), Temasek disclosed its exposure to Singapore has increased by only $24 billion from 2005 to 2015. (below) Strangely, Temasek bothered to emphasise the increase in dollar term for Singapore investments but provided only percentages … Continue reading

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20151213 Why is Temasek increasing its investments in corrupt countries?

Singaporeans have been told by the PAP government that GIC and Temasek won’t take more risks to help fund govt spending. link It appears either our ministers do not know the definition of ‘risks’ or they are spouting half-truths to … Continue reading

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20151212 Hepatitis C deaths/infection – innocent taxpayers pay the price but SGH, MOH not accountable for screw up?

I refer to CNA’s “SGH ‘determined to regain trust of Singaporeans’ after Hepatitis C outbreak”, “We must be determined to learn from this: Health Minister on SGH Hepatitis C outbreak” and “We will work to regain trust of Singaporeans in … Continue reading

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