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PAP holds world record for highest percentage of education budget spent on scholarships/grants for foreigners

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41,800 Primary 1 places for 33,200 Singaporeans?

CNA (27 June): 2,600 more places available for Dragon year Primary 1 cohort: Ong Ye Kung

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Singapore unis’ questionable QS rankings no big deal, our degrees cannot be eaten

The PAP will be patting themselves on the back for NTU’s 11th and NUS’ 15th top unis ranking by QS. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 😦 Who would ever believe that NUS is ahead … Continue reading

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Did PAP increase tuition fees/decrease funding of Singaporean undergrads to subsidise foreigners?

Government statistics (below) have confirmed that PAP has spent the least on Singaporean undergrads vs other students. From FY2010 to FY2015, an undergrad saw a paltry increase of only $1428 or 7% in government expenditure. (Almost 80% of NUS student … Continue reading

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PAP spurs stuck into the hides of Singaporean undergraduates must be removed

The unbelievable shortage of doctors in Singapore is due to PAP’s screwed-up planning. This has resulted in public hospital appointments stretching for months or even up to more than one year. Public healthcare institutions are managed on a for-profit basis and … Continue reading

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PAP government should not keep two sets of statistics on foreigners, something amiss

The PAP government has been keeping 2 sets of statistics – one for itself and another for the public. This is an unethical practice. Of course PAP has the statistics on foreigners studying at local unis. Years ago, NUS staff … Continue reading

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MOE Minister Ong’s gibberish in Parliament, WP asking the wrong question

In a Parliamentary reply to NCMP Daniel Goh on “how the planned reduction in the number of junior colleges (JCs) will affect the supply of A-level holders to universities“, Minister Ong Ye Kung gave another half-past-six answer. In fact, Minister … Continue reading

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School mergers: PAP should tell Singaporeans the whole truth, how it screwed up

The PAP government has not been upfront with citizens on the need to merge 50 schools between 2017 and 2019. link link Besides taking back the land for redevelopment, over construction of schools is directly related to our flawed population … Continue reading

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School mergers: PAP government should disclose its plans for land redevelopment

The PAP government has used the excuse of a 20% lower cohort size to merge 28 schools. It has refused to disclose the government’s plan to redevelop the land besides stating that they will be returned to SLA. In any … Continue reading

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Singaporeans left speechless by our cock-talking education minister, Ong Ye Kung

Ong Ye Kung is making himself look like a fool again when he anyhow claims our “Education system is going through an overwhelming adjustment”. CNA Our education system was designed to benefit PAP elites and any meaningful change will remove … Continue reading

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