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20160731 Lee Kuan Yew’s “garden city” vision not feasible, fatalities/injuries/property damage on the rise

According to official history, Lee Kuan Yew had envisioned the transformation of Singapore into a “garden city”. Since 1967, the government has spent billions of tax dollars to create an artificial environment to realise the vision of one man. Civil … Continue reading

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20160730 Think AGO report is not a wayang? Think again

Poor/no oversight, weak governance, financial and procedural lapses, overspending on consultancy fee, investing $50 million without proper approval, etc have been uncovered by the latest AGO audit. These massive lapses have resulted in at least tens of millions in tax … Continue reading

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20160728 Bin Centre Design Diploma course application closed, overwhelming response at all 15 Singapore Polys

Joint statement by 15 Singapore Polytechnics We thank applicants for their interest in our little-known Bin Centre Design (BCD) Diploma course. Please be informed that application is now officially closed. This is due to the sudden overwhelming response after the … Continue reading

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20160727 AGO report on MCCY, Minister Grace Fu chut pattern

The AGO report has revealed lots of lapses, including an eye-popping $410,000 consultancy fee for a $470,000 bin centre. Whoever authorised the payment at the National Arts Centre has to be held accountable and the MCCY owes the public an … Continue reading

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20160726 Social disintegration and the Racial Harmony Day wayang

No thanks to PAP’s mindless immigration policy, Singapore’s social fabric is now in tatters. The government has tried to provide an assurance that all is well with social integration but in reality, social disintegration has begun. PAP made a mistake … Continue reading

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