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20150530 GE 2015 – no transparency from PAP, no vote for them

Singaporeans are a gullible and naive lot. Despite 90% of households having internet access and a highly educated population, adults keep voting for an opaque government whose MPs we don’t really know. Transparency is paramount in a real democracy but … Continue reading

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20150526 Under PAP, majority of Singaporeans can kiss retirement goodbye

It should be clear by now the PAP wants to continue treating Singaporeans as workhorses till our last breath. PAP claims it has created so many good jobs which pays so well that there aren’t enough citizens to fill them. … Continue reading

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20150524 PAP supporters are not stupid, just refuse to think about issues

Dear PAP supporters It was to be expected that the GE would be held soonest possible before PAP’s propaganda wears thin. Although fellow Singaporeans have labeled you stupid, I beg to differ. It is your right to support the party … Continue reading

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20150521 GIC invests our CPF using ‘tikam tikam’ model based on hope

I am now more concerned about my CPF after analysing more GIC investments. GIC appears to have no exit plans and will only divest after investments have been decimated. Link Even a novice investor knows one needs to have an … Continue reading

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20150519 Singaporean wages depressed to maintain profits of Temasek-linked companies

Wages in Singapore will continue to be depressed so long as the PAP has vested interests in some of the largest companies through Temasek Holdings. PAP policies have always been skewed in favour of Temasek’s business empire. One unspoken policy is … Continue reading

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20150518 Five years to repent if Singaporeans don’t demand accountability from PAP for foreigners’ dubious/bogus degrees

I refer to TRE’s “Teo: No need for central authority to screen FT degrees”. DPM Teo is right because we do not need to waste more tax dollars to set up another agency to oversee the responsibilities of irresponsible government … Continue reading

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20150516 PAP’s Medishield Life – taking care of our healthcare by taking from our Medisave?

The PAP has continued to waste tax dollars by mailing propaganda material on Medishield Life (ML) to every household. At the end of the day, ML is all about legislating healthy citizens to cross subsidise those with pre-existing illness. This … Continue reading

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20150514 PAP runs out of talents, fields elite Chong Kee Hiong in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

I refer to Today’s “Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC’s new faces working hard: Wong” and TRE’s “Potential PAP MP ‘working very hard’ in Bishan”. I would like to thank MP Wong Kan Seng for the joke in complimenting The New Paper the … Continue reading

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20150512 Ai Takagi, Amos, Roy and the need to remove PAP from government

TRS shutdown reflects a PAP clinging to straws to maintain its grip on power. It’s also making Yaacob Ibrahim look more foolish than ever. 22-year-old Ai Takagi, an Australian law student, is one of the TRS editors. Although she must … Continue reading

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20150510 PAP should provide more transparency on CPF investments

GIC has been investing CPF monies for 34 years but CPF members know next to nothing about its real performance. CPF monies are supposed to be invested to generate sufficient retirement savings for members, not for concealing the total amount … Continue reading

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