20150514 PAP runs out of talents, fields elite Chong Kee Hiong in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

I refer to Today’s “Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC’s new faces working hard: Wong” and TRE’s “Potential PAP MP ‘working very hard’ in Bishan”. I would like to thank MP Wong Kan Seng for the joke in complimenting The New Paper the new face Chong Kee Hiong, CEO of OUE Hospitality Trust.

(In Today’s article dated 11 May 2015, Kee Hiong is reported to be 48 years old. More than a year ago, he was reported to be also 48 years old in another Today’s article dated 21 April 2014. Will he be 48 again next year?)

Wong compliments “working-very-hard”-elite-MP-wannabe Kee Hiong, who had organised a “pioneer generation dinner last year, which more than 4,000 residents attended” and “all enjoyed themselves and went back (with) very happy memories. Some of them still talk about that particular dinner, and Mr Chong ..(was) the chairman of that.”

Hmm .. what is MP Wong’s point in making such a statement. Is Wong trying to say that:

a – Elderly Singaporeans seldom eat good food
b – Lousy food is served at all other PAP-organised dinners
c – Spending tax dollars is extremely hard work
d – All of the above

A confused Kee Hiong says he is a firm believer of meritocracy ie not the conventional meaning of meritocracy but PAP’s redefinition. Meritocracy has been defined as “a system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement”.

In Singapore, the PAP advancement system is solely based on academic qualifications. Providing scholars with a parachute, is this meritocratic?

Kee Hiong may have the ability to run an organisation but as an MP, one needs to have the ability to listen to constituents. After years of talking down to everyone in an organisation, it is questionable PAP’s successful potential MPs still possess any listening hearing ability.

One may be an achiever in the private sector but may not necessarily be the quality of a good MP. For example, MP Lam Pin Min is a very successful doctor but he clearly lacks empathy and knowledge of the system when it comes to mediating between his Sengkang constituents and the HDB/URA.

Look at all the GLCs where generals and PAP loyalists are parachuted promoted to leadership positions. Is there not a single experienced senior management SMRT staff more capable than ex Lt Gen Desmond Kuek to run SMRT? Is there no one more qualified than ex Lt Gen Ng Yat Chung in the entire world to run NOL? What about Temasek? etc.

The PAP believes in a winner-takes-all ‘meritocracy’ and so does Kee Hiong. This sort of closeted mindset ails our society – ‘winners’ live in District 10 and Sentosa Cove oblivious to the plight of fellow public housing flat dwellers, ‘losers’ deserve to be cleaners in their twilight years and if they cannot afford PAP’s unaffordable healthcare, JB is a short distance away.

We do not have any record of Kee Hiong having spoken out on any issue with regard to the unfairness of the PAP government (upgrading, pro FT policy, etc.) or when Singaporeans kena hantam by foreigners. Maybe Kee Hiong has been busy preparing for the pioneer generation dinner since 2011? And his inspiration from watching the Justice Bao television series in the 70’s seems to have remained just an inspiration till today.

Kee Hiong says his love of Chinese sword-fighting novels has taught him humility and fair play. I find this strange because the PAP has always been a party which engages in unfair play. Is it fair play when the MND goes for WP’s throat merely to perpetuate PAP’s power? Is it fair to residents of Aljuneid GRC to withhold tax dollars to prevent proper estate maintenance by AHPETC? Was Kee Hiong’s Justice Bao sleeping when ‘Lau Goh’ threatened “Your estate, through your own choice, will be left behind. They’ll become slums” in 1996?

Kee Hiong remembers trivial issues such as not being given an award for the highest score in Mathematics. This was in Primary 5, some 37 years ago. He boasted that the reason the teacher gave the award to the second top scorer was because he had won too many prizes. Kee Hiong claims he believes firmly in meritocracy and says it was wrong for the teacher to deprive him of the award. It appears he does not have a generous spirit. If such a trivial issue is still troubling him after almost 4 decades, I would suggest an appointment at the IMH.

With 4 children and heavily involved in the corporate world, mostly government linked corporations, it is doubtful Kee Hiong will be able to serve his potential constituents. Something has to give and it’s not difficult to figure out whether Kee Hiong will prioritise his family, money or serving ordinary residents.

I would advise Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC residents to read up on Kee Hiong and our ‘meritocratic’ system. ‘Anyhow’ vote and you will have 5 years to repent.

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1 Response to 20150514 PAP runs out of talents, fields elite Chong Kee Hiong in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC

  1. Nope says:

    “Kee Hiong remembers trivial issues such as not being given an award for the highest score in Mathematics. This was in Primary 5, some 37 years ago.”

    If this isn’t a clear confirmed sign of psychopathy, I don’t know what is.

    Wait you see what happens when the GE campaigning hits, he will most likely be a stark raving lunatic on the podium.

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