20150519 Singaporean wages depressed to maintain profits of Temasek-linked companies

Wages in Singapore will continue to be depressed so long as the PAP has vested interests in some of the largest companies through Temasek Holdings.

PAP policies have always been skewed in favour of Temasek’s business empire. One unspoken policy is to maintain low wages by importing foreign labour with third world wages. It refuses to help businesses by reducing rental costs because it is the biggest landlord in Singapore.

Some of the Temasek-linked companies (TLCs) which collectively employ tens of thousands of foreigners are SATS, SBS Transit, SMRT, Changi Airport, Sembcorp Marine, Singapore Airlines, AETOS, CERTIS CISCO, etc. If minimum or living wage is implemented, the labour bill will increased by billion$. It will also confirm PAP’s pseudo growth model ie importing labour to increase productivity at the expense of Singaporeans.

If wages are determined by market forces, they will be much higher and no jobs will be shunned by Singaporeans. Singaporeans are not as choosy as PAP makes us out to be through taxpayer-sponsored propaganda. It is the irresponsible government which first depresses wages and then expects Singaporeans to work for third world wages. Through legislation, PAP has been flooding the market with an unlimited supply of cheap labour from India, China, etc, since ‘Lau Goh’ became PM in 1990. The majority of them are fake talents but Lau Goh preferred to categorise all as foreign talents.

There is no need to look at any statistics to verify the huge number of foreign labour – we can see them in every corner of Singapore and during weekends on our public transport and in open areas.

It is important to understand that PAP’s policies are solely responsible for low wages. Vote for PAP and the certainty is even lower wages! Millions of foreigners, many without a job back home, are competing to work in Singapore for very low wages. This has caused real wages of bus drivers, technicians, airport service staff, etc to stagnate since more than a decade ago. Will our men in blue also meet the same fate?

Since 2000, the population has increased by about 1,500,000 while the increase in the number of police officers has been negligible. According to ex CP Ng Joo Hee, the number of policemen stood at about 12,000 in 2014, hardly changed from five years earlier. This is because the SPF has been outsourcing its responsibilities to companies providing auxiliary security services. No prizes for correctly guessing the 2 companies are Temasek-linked AETOS and CERTIS CISCO.

That auxiliary police officers (APOs), mostly lower wage foreigners, have been sent to patrol riot prone areas is confirmation that the SPF will be playing a lesser role in the future. Again, it is obvious the PAP is attempting to reduce costs by simply importing foreigners without considering other factors. PAP’s priority has always been to help TLCs increase their profits.

PAP will continue with its wayang on the nonsensical Progressive Wage Model. PAP must depress wages to mitigate the problem of PAP-created high rental. This will help to increase the profits of TLCs.

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