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20150429 Should GIC invest our CPF in a company after its share price quadrupled?

On 24 April, it was reported that GIC had invested US$198 million (S$263 million based on 1.33 exchange rate) in Nirlon Ltd, an Indian company. Source: From the chart above, GIC appears to have substantially overpaid for Nirlon. 1 … Continue reading

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20150427 Understanding why we are paying the price for PAP’s screwed up public healthcare system

Statistics have confirmed PAP’s planning has been overrated. Singaporeans have been misled for decades, no thanks to state propaganda and a system of no accountability, even for epic screw ups. 1 Where’s PAP’s long term planning? According to MOH annual … Continue reading

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20150426 IDA’s (Instant Degrees Accepted) unbelievable reply for Nisha’s honest mistake

Dear IDA Thank you for your honest reply for the honest mistake of Nisha, a new-citizen employee. IDA’s reply has also confirmed the existence of PAP’s unwritten ‘instant degrees accepted’ policy for all foreign graduates working for the government. Nisha … Continue reading

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20150424 GE 2015 – time to let go of PAP’s broken system

PAP has been on auto pilot for decades, mistakenly believing in the permanence of its absolute power. Zero parliamentary debate, a sycophantic mainstream media/grassroots and self-serving politicians have resulted in the implementation of policies detrimental to Singaporeans’ well being. The … Continue reading

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20150423 Population White Paper questionable, PAP not even keeping track of immigration policy

The PAP claims that “immigration helps to balance the shrinking and ageing of our citizen population”. (NPTD pg 12) Singaporeans have been repeatedly told that elderly citizens will triple to 900,000 in 2030 in an attempt to fear monger us … Continue reading

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