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Increasing jail terms of National Service defaulters defies common sense

Singapore’s High Court has increased the jail terms of 3 NS defaulters in a landmark judgement CNA for reasons which defy common sense. The first case involved defaulter Ang Lee Thye who had left Singapore at the age of 14 … Continue reading

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School mergers: PAP should tell Singaporeans the whole truth, how it screwed up

The PAP government has not been upfront with citizens on the need to merge 50 schools between 2017 and 2019. link link Besides taking back the land for redevelopment, over construction of schools is directly related to our flawed population … Continue reading

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School mergers: PAP government should disclose its plans for land redevelopment

The PAP government has used the excuse of a 20% lower cohort size to merge 28 schools. It has refused to disclose the government’s plan to redevelop the land besides stating that they will be returned to SLA. In any … Continue reading

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Regardless of PAP’s belated action on the property market, asset enhancement will turn into a nightmare

(Below are possible future scenarios of the Singapore property market by ‘Sinkie‘.) Too late for any easy solution now. PAPies have opened Pandora’s Box & created a monster in the late-1980s. Either Singapore continues as (Minister) Wong has said i.e. … Continue reading

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PAP government created HDB asset bubble but still sitting on ‘time bomb’

The PAP government has created the mother of all property bubbles by pouring billions in CPF retirement savings into HDB flats. Through SERS, the majority of HDB lessees became convinced that every old flat will be returned to the government … Continue reading

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Asset enhancement: Did Minister Lawrence Wong ‘slap’ PM Lee?

(Below are comments by ‘oxygen’ on my post on ‘asset enhancement’.) LAWRENCE WONG EITHER SLAPPED HIS BOSS PUBLICLY or they are both thoroughly confused of asset enhancement politics or both. PRESENT TENSE’s (PM Lee’s) 2014 National Message has three theme … Continue reading

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Open letter to MOE ministers on merging NUS and NTU into ‘NUTS’

Dear MOE Ministers Ng and Ong The government has recently announced the merger of more secondary schools and 8 JCs, citing a 20% fall in the birth rate since the late 1980s. 2. However, Singaporeans doubt this is the real … Continue reading

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Singaporeans still can’t see through PAP ‘s ‘hike-cost-then-give-rebate’ ruse?

Singaporeans have been scammed for decades but most still enjoy being fleeced by an unchecked government. PAP’s ‘hike-cost-then-give-rebate’ ruse has proven so successful and no one should doubt its ability to squeeze blood from a stone. This technique looks set … Continue reading

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White collar criminals like pastor Dr Kong Hee must be put away for good

Pastor Kong Hee and his gang of fraudsters, less Chew Eng Han, started wearing their prison uniforms yesterday (21 April). Lead fraudster Kong has been slapped on the wrist with a 3 1/2 year jail term. With good conduct, Kong … Continue reading

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Government cutting costs + businesses cutting corners = Increased danger on our roads

From: pipakh Sent: Friday, April 21, 2017 2:33 PM To: PM LEE Cc: TP AC SAM TEE ; <a title="bokkoh ; C K WONG ; <a title="newseditor ; CUE ; <a title="Efran_KOH ; HENG ; <a title="jayakumar89 ; LAU ; … Continue reading

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