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Temasek misled public by deleting “Wealth Added” bonus paid out in annual reports, warrants investigation

Temasek Review (TR) 2012 reflected the “paid-out portion of WA Bonus earned for prior year” from 2006 to 2011, ie 6 years. In the subsequent year report, the above-mentioned bonus for 2009 and 2010 was deleted. Besides deleting 2009 and 2010 paid-out WA … Continue reading

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Were senior executives paid millions in bonuses from Temasek’s $11.65 billion sale of 3 power stations in 2008?

These 3 power stations (table below) were constructed using mostly CPF funds. But shortly after their transfer to Temasek at undisclosed prices,  they were all sold to foreign companies. If they had been transferred at rock-bottom prices – similar to POSB … Continue reading

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Every asset owned by Temasek belongs partially to CPF members

With total control of Parliament, 100% of our CPF became government loans. It can be said that without our CPF, Temasek would not be managing hundreds of billions today. Despite having used our CPF, every profitable GLC has been transferred to … Continue reading

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If Temasek CEO Ho Ching, PM Lee’s wife, is paid more than $50 million a year, will PAP face voter backlash?

BHP Billiton paid Charles Goodyear BP23.82 million the year before he was appointed Temasek CEO-Designate. Using the mid year exchange rate of BP1 = S$2.7, Charles annual remuneration was S$64.3 million. Logically, Charles could not have been offered anything less by … Continue reading

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Temasek ‘investing’ = Sitting on multi-billion dollar StandChart losses after 13 years?

Temasek made headlines in 2006 when it paid BP2.3 billion for a 12% stake in Standard Chartered Plc at about BP15 per share. In the subsequent 2 years, its stakes were raised to more than 19% because Temasek “saw value … Continue reading

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