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Will taxpayers be screwed by Temasek’s childcare investment again?

2008: Temasek lost more than S$1/2 billion in childcare investment. 10 years later: Business Times With additional millions in tax dollars from Temasek, MindChamps looks set to go on a buying spree, as Temasek did a decade earlier. Will history … Continue reading

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Temasek wants to make money for retail investors or from them?

Temasek appears to be as desperate as PAP to raise funds. (Temasek unit to open private equity door for retail investors) The sources of funds for private equity firms are usually wealthy/institutional investors such as pension funds.  It is strange for Temasek … Continue reading

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PAP government prioritises investing billions over spending on citizens’ well-being

Over the past couple of years, PAP government has been increasing costs across the board for citizens to raise revenue. In reality, the government does have sufficient funds except that it has prioritized using them for investment instead of citizens’ well-being. For … Continue reading

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Temasek’s additional ‘wealth added’ bonus must go, no justification for obscene remuneration

Dear Temasek Temasek has been tasked to manage state reserves responsibly and employees are amply rewarded for ‘performance’ with cash bonuses. In 2003, a year before Ho Ching became CEO, Temasek “adopted the discipline of measuring our returns against our risk-adjusted cost of capital, … Continue reading

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Why did Temasek stop disclosing salaries, benefits and annual cash bonuses after 2012?

Dear Temasek In your Temasek Review 2012 (page 65) as well as a few earlier annual reports, the following were disclosed (Chart 1): 1. ‘Salaries and benefits’, 2. ‘Annual cash bonuses’ and 3. ‘Paid-out portion of WA Bonus earned for prior year’. … Continue reading

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