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Temasek’s unrealized $1/2 billion loss hidden in Pakistani bank merger?

Temasek thought it was going in for the kill when it invested in Pakistani NIB Bank in 2005. Now kena killed. In 2005, Temasek took a 25% stake in March and increased this to 72% 3 months later. This was … Continue reading

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20161211 Mainstream media should not engage in half truths to mask Temasek’s pock kai investments

I hope the PAP will stop engaging in half-truths and be upfront with citizens when it comes to Temasek.  Every human being makes mistakes and it should not try to cover up those made by PAP elites, unless they are non human. To … Continue reading

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20161125 Temasek has not learnt any lesson from gargantuan losses during the GFC, continues to take high risk

Contrary to government propaganda, Temasek is actually taking high risk with our reserves.  A look at its holdings and transactions in Alibaba, with reference to other companies in its US listed portfolio, confirms this. It was recently reported that as at end September, Temasek … Continue reading

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20160929 Zero net profit from Temasek’s overseas investments?

Any company which has grown at Temasek’s phenomenal rate should be making increasing profits. Temasek isn’t. 1. In FY 2007, Temasek’s revenue and total profit were $74.6 billion and $13 billion respectively. Nine years later, although revenue has increased to … Continue reading

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20140929 Temasek’s net profit significantly below previous year, falls below 2007

Due to Temasek’s selective disclosure of information, ordinary Singaporeans and even experts don’t know its actual financial state. A question that’s been on my mind for quite a while – why has Temasek’s group net profit been stagnant despite a … Continue reading

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