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Temasek’s additional ‘wealth added’ bonus must go, no justification for obscene remuneration

Dear Temasek Temasek has been tasked to manage state reserves responsibly and employees are amply rewarded for ‘performance’ with cash bonuses. In 2003, a year before Ho Ching became CEO, Temasek “adopted the discipline of measuring our returns against our risk-adjusted cost of capital, … Continue reading

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Why did Temasek stop disclosing salaries, benefits and annual cash bonuses after 2012?

Dear Temasek In your Temasek Review 2012 (page 65) as well as a few earlier annual reports, the following were disclosed (Chart 1): 1. ‘Salaries and benefits’, 2. ‘Annual cash bonuses’ and 3. ‘Paid-out portion of WA Bonus earned for prior year’. … Continue reading

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How much has Temasek’s double bonus scheme cost taxpayers?

Temasek’s double bonus scheme – extremely costly to taxpayers – was implemented to obscenely reward senior management executives. On top of annual cash bonuses, senior executives are paid an additional wealth added (WA) bonus. In the past, WA bonuses were disclosed in a … Continue reading

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Temasek Charter found to be meaningless after record corruption case at Keppel

According to the Temasek Charter, it engages the boards and managements of it portfolio companies to “foster a deep culture of integrity …”. Reality: It did not engage Keppel (probably other portfolio companies as well) or it would have been … Continue reading

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Temasek CEO Ho Ching’s estimated remuneration – at least $100 million – should not be state secret

If Singapore’s system is as clean as PAP makes it out to be, then it should no longer conceal information which belongs in the public domain. Of public interest is the humongous remuneration of Temasek CEO Ho Ching, spouse of … Continue reading

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