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Public interest in Temasek CEO Ho Ching’s salary, WP should ask the $100 million question in Parliament

Although Temasek is not supposed to be a private entity – it invests public monies – it has been privatized by the PAP government. This has allowed Temasek to withhold information which should be in the public domain since more than 4 decades … Continue reading

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Government should review obscene salaries paid to Temasek senior management

Temasek’s bonuses were upsized in 2003, a year after Ho Ching was appointed director and one year before becoming CEO. Unlike ministerial salaries which are more transparent and pegged to private sector salaries with a 40% ‘discount’, Temasek senior executives’ … Continue reading

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Were Temasek senior executives paid 20 months’ bonuses in 2008, similar to PAP ministers?

Temasek’s ‘Wealth Added’ bonus has added obscene wealth to its senior management, not government coffers. If Temasek has indeed added tens of billion$ to government coffers, surely the PAP need not increase citizens’ burden with all sorts of cost increases. Temasek … Continue reading

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Temasek company predicted spike in LNG prices, dead wrong

Image below can be copied and shared on social media. No credit required.

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Billion-dollar ‘Wealth Added’ bonus introduced 1 year after Ho Ching joined Temasek

Ho Ching, spouse of PM Lee, became Temasek’s Executive Director in 2002. In 2003, Temasek introduced ‘Wealth Added’ (WA) bonus (TR 2018) to increase the quantum of bonuses for senior management, amounting to billions since 2003. According to Temasek’s computation – … Continue reading

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