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SIA: The real existential issue for Singapore, not water?

Ministers and stat boards have been lying about water security being an existential issue for Singapore? With the billions used to bail out SIA, Temasek could have easily bailed out Hyflux 2 years ago.

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SIA’s future seems bleak. And we shouldn’t just blame Covid-19 for SIA’s woes. Investors in SIA should question why Goh continues to be CEO after having destroyed billions in shareholder value.

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Reserves should not be used to bail out SIA when CEO Goh is paid millions post 30% ‘pay cut’

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Temasek squanders $15 billion to support SIA

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We scraped the barrel and found our election candidate … another former paper general

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More cost increases ahead as coronavirus hit Temasek with record losses

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Coronavirus decimates Temasek’s China investments

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Temasek’s bonus cut: Leadership or leadershit?

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Double whammy for GIC: Manager of CPF monies hit by huge emerging market forex losses, coronavirus

Besides the Brazilian real, most emerging market currencies have depreciated against the S$.

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Murali cluster in the making?

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