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PAP MP Gan and MOM Minister Teo continue with wayang to conceal failure of CPF scheme

Fact: CPF scheme is a complete failure because the majority of Singaporean members are unable to meet the FRS sum in cash at age 55. In the written answer by MOM Minister Teo on 10 July, she disclosed that only … Continue reading

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Temasek should disclose hundreds of million$/billion$ paid out in ‘Wealth Added’ bonus from Alibaba investment

Temasek’s FY2018 annual report disclosed in footnotes Wealth Added (WA) bonuses paid for a single investment: Alibaba. With a market value of US$6.7 billion in Q2, Alibaba is Temasek’s biggest US-listed investment. Temasek was reported to have made US$300 million after divesting 7.3 … Continue reading

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Temasek added negative wealth of $51 billion since 2008 but paid Wealth Added bonuses in 5 years?

There is an error in an earlier post, “Temasek cannot disclose management cost, billions paid out in remuneration since Ho Ching became CEO“.  Temasek had paid out ‘Wealth Added’ bonuses in 5 years since 2008, not 3 years. WA bonuses were … Continue reading

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Questions on Temasek’s additional ‘Wealth Added’ bonus

(Images posted on FB) Something is amiss at Temasek.  It does not help when elected MPs fail to scrutinize or ask relevant questions about Temasek’s poor governance.  😦  

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Why did GIC conceal its cash position since FY2014?

GIC made ‘cash’ disappear by combining it with a different asset class. Former President KFC and current President Milo Gao/Kosong have pretended there are no issues despite such ‘funny’ business. 😦 (Image below posted on FB)

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