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Weakening PAP at its weakest but may still prove challenging to opposition alliance

Singaporeans who are hoping for PAP to do a BN are overjoyed at the news of former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock’s willingness to lead an opposition alliance. Giving rise to our hopes are similarities between the 2 political parties : – … Continue reading

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Billion-dollar ‘Wealth Added’ bonus introduced 1 year after Ho Ching joined Temasek

Ho Ching, spouse of PM Lee, became Temasek’s Executive Director in 2002. In 2003, Temasek introduced ‘Wealth Added’ (WA) bonus (TR 2018) to increase the quantum of bonuses for senior management, amounting to billions since 2003. According to Temasek’s computation – … Continue reading

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People’s Association easily mistaken for SAFRA

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Minister Jo Teo conceals failure of CPF scheme

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GROs careless with Ah Kong money or egregiously blatant corruption of PAP system?

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Only leader in the world who believes in the existence of shortcuts to economic growth

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PAP elites continue to earn millions in tax dollars after leaving politics

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Polyclinic inflates consultation fee, con job

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President Halimah probably an international disgrace

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A useless parliamentary question and reply

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