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20150730 PAP in panic mode, loss of power inevitable

The unnecessary changes to the boundaries of electoral constituencies is confirmation of PAP’s loss of confidence. Contrary to propaganda, PAP NEVER resolved any issues because it has not addressed the root cause of our problems, ie mindless population increase to … Continue reading

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20150729 Pure Aristocratic Party (PAP) indispensable to Sinkapooreans, clarification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Clarification by King Lee) Pure Aristocratic Party (PAP) is indispensable to Sinkapooreans Sinkapoor, 32 July 2015 Sinkapooreans must understand and accept our unique form of government – we are a demo(n)cracy only in name but aristocracy in … Continue reading

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20150726 CPF members should not allow PAP to take us for another ride

Dear CPF members Regardless of your political affiliation, you’d better wake up to the fact that your CPF will not be returned anytime soon. Not that PAP won’t, it can’t. 2 Because PAP is in such desperate need for funds, … Continue reading

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20150723 CPF – PAP government invests for foreigners, pays them guaranteed returns from our reserves

There appears to be a huge discrepancy between the number of Singapore residents (citizens and PRs) and the total number of CPF members. I have engaged the CPF Board which does not seem to have an answer or it may … Continue reading

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20150722 Another farce-world reply in pariahment by Khaw

In Parliament last week, NCMP Gerald Giam asked whether the Government was concerned about the recent record price of $31 million paid for a coffee shop which followed the $23.8 million transaction in 2013. Perhaps Minister Khaw was too preoccupied … Continue reading

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