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20140330 The HDB has failed Singaporeans

Formed in 1960, the HDB has transformed Singapore’s squatter colonies into (unaffordable) First World public housing. The HDB has even won numerous international accolades for various public housing projects. Is success in public housing all about regularly winning accolades for … Continue reading

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Non response from the HDB and Town Council

From: Pasir Ris Office Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 6:10 PM To: pipakh Subject: 20140320 Town council’s unproductive engagement in stonewalling must cease ​ Dear Mr Ang Please refer to all your emails. In order to better understand your concerns … Continue reading

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20140327 MOM must reply to job discrimination feedback

From: pipakh Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 3:25 PM To: TANCHUANJIN ; MOM PERM SEC ; <a title=”stella_woo ; TRE Cc: CHEN SHOW MAO ; <a title=”choonhock ; CNA ; <a title=”cue_liew ; DILLON ; <a title=”bga336 ; GERALD GIAM … Continue reading

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20140327 From farce world to first world parliament – will WP be keeping its promise?

The WP’s response to bullying tactics by the PAP has been measured and impressive. WP’s questions raised in parliament have benefitted Singaporeans more than all the questions by 80 PAP MPs. However, the WP seems to have not kept its … Continue reading

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20140325 Why the government will proceed with population plan

I admire Singaporeans who continue to put up a number of logical proposals to resolve the issues created by haphazard population planning. The PAP government does not believe in its own long term Concept Plans, which are just for show, … Continue reading

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