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Are PHI patients receiving subsidy or subsidising MOH?

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Minister Gan could not reply to my queries, Singaporeans scammed by ‘subsidised’ public healthcare system

In 2014, I highlighted to then Health Minister Gan that “20140820 Privatised public healthcare costs detrimental to citizens“. Gan of course could not reply to some in the face questions, eg why did MOH purchase  paracetamol at overinflated prices? On … Continue reading

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Polyclinic part of ‘conveyor belt’ public healthcare system, uses mostly made in India generic drugs

(Comment on our screwed up public healthcare system by regular contributor on social media.) Rabble-rouser: July 13, 2019 at 7:27 pm Subsidies & fees in Public Health [PH] system aren’t representative nor are consistent with market pricing mechanism from the … Continue reading

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Increased healthcare subsidy helps PAP more, not patients

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Public healthcare system corrupted by greed, overhaul needed

TOC article “Phillip Ang: “Public healthcare subsidies are mostly non-existent” in Singapore” has generated a bit of public interest. Many readers have shared similar personal experiences of non-existent subsidies. Thanks to PAP propaganda, the quantum of subsidies have been inflated … Continue reading

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