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20140625 Government must disclose billions in CPF/GIC foreign exchange losses and market value of investments

It has taken decades but the government has recently confirmed CPF monies are managed by GIC. “As GIC primarily invests outside of Singapore”, CPF monies are therefore subject to foreign exchange (forex) movements which are beyond GIC’s control. The Singapore … Continue reading

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20140624 CPF – Lim Swee Say at his nonsensical best!

ST headline “CPF money 100% safe: Swee Say” caught my eye. I knew anything related to Lim Swee Say, minister with zero portfolio with a fetish for DTF toothpicks, would be interesting. The more our government emphasises the ‘safety’ of … Continue reading

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20140623 CPF members shortchanged by government, misled by mainstream media

I refer to ST article “Can’t please all Fund members” and TRS article by Jeremy Chen. There are obvious half-truths in the ST article which Jeremy did not question. I will highlight ST’s half truths and Jeremy would do well … Continue reading

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20140623 Goh Chok Tong’s meaningless Facebook post

Dear Mr Goh I am happy to know you have finally woken up to the fact that “workers at the bottom of the heap” have been shortchanged for years. I am shocked you took so long to figure out the … Continue reading

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20140621 PAP will continue to profit from low wage workers

Roy Ngerng wrote an article “Can low wage workers earn higher wages in Singapore?” in December last year. The answer is clearly ‘yes’ provided the government accepts that it must not continue to profit at the expense of low wage … Continue reading

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